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    Helmstetter 97-11

    no but thanks for the offer
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    Helmstetter 97-11

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    Hello is this Helmstetter cue still avalible? regards Martin

    Hello is this Helmstetter cue still avalible? regards Martin
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    Helmstetter 97-11

    Looking for an Helmstetter 97-11
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    Helmstertter Adams cue

    Hello i am looking for an Helmstetter cue 4 butterflys and 4 points like on this threat any informatin is appreciated regards Martin Schröder
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    Penn state controlrr

    Hi I am looking for an controller with forward and reverse button for an penn state 1/2 HP motor shipping would go to Germany
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    Web pechauer camelot 5

    Hi o am lockig for a pechauer camelot 05 with matching shaft i am lokatet in gernany
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    gluing fixture

    this is my version of a gluing fixture
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    wtb carriage for taig base dovetail

    like the title says i am looking for a carriage for taig base dovetail. Just bought me a second dovetail and planing to build a tapering lathe so anyone has one to sell?
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    Shaft Dip™ for stabilizing

    dose anyone have expierneces with the Shaft Dip for stabilizing wood is it good for deep penetrating the wood? and can it be used in a vac chamber also?
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    cue set for a fiend of mine

    cue set for a friend of mine made this set for a good friend material are Thuja-Burl and Ebony so what do you think
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    v-groove bits

    my question is with how much rpm do you run a v-groove bit
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    and a nother one from me

    hope you like it
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    my latest work

    my own creation and personal player:grin::grin:
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    wtb drilling tail stock

    I am looking for cuesmith drill tailstock not the leafer operatet shipping would go to germany
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    paint gun question

    hi folks just wanna know what kind of paint gun you are using for clearcot
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    new project of mine

    here is something i am working on what do you think?
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    shaftwood needed

    i am looking for some AA-AAA shaftdowels shipping would go to germany
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    need some thuja burl

    hi everyone i`m looking for a bigger piece of thuja burl have to make a matching set of cues player, breaker, jumper so make me some offers PS shipping would go to germany
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    my new indexing setup

    Here is my new setup hope you like it because i`do:wink: