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  1. kjspro

    Tim Scruggs

    Sent you a text message.
  2. kjspro

    ROBINSON CUE, $2,500

    Sent you a PM.
  3. kjspro

    _____FS: 1998 Paul Mottey_____

    I'm saving up. If the x-mas bonus hits, you'll hear from me.
  4. kjspro

    For Sale Mike Gulyassy Custom Pool Cue

    Great looking cue! Wish I had the cash.... GLWS.
  5. kjspro

    SOLD | Jerry Rauenzahn Custom Cue | Leather Wrap | Two Shafts ($900 for non-auction purchase)

    Click this link to see the auction: Jerry Rauenzahn Custom Cue I will end the auction and sell the cue for $900 minimum. Let me know if you are interested. Very clean cue. Very little signs of use. Thanks - Kevin
  6. kjspro

    Have some inventory left, time to move on after 40 + years

    Email sent for list... thanks.
  7. kjspro

    Sold CASE FOR SALE: Volturi Custom Pool Cue Case 4x8 Genuine Leather Black/Red, Stingray Accents

    SOLD | Volturi Custom Cue Case 4x8 (4 butt x 8 shaft) Genuine Leather 2 Pockets (7" and 16") 1 Shoulder Strap Sold Price: $500
  8. kjspro

    2 x 4 Custom GD Cue Case

  9. kjspro

    2 x 4 Custom GD Cue Case

    Is this case still available?
  10. kjspro

    Sold Bludworth Beauty

    PM sent.
  11. kjspro

    Traditional 4pt Veneered Gilbert

    I'll take that as a "no" on the trade offer idea. No worries. GLWS. Beautiful cue!
  12. kjspro

    Sold Bludworth Beauty

    Open to any trades at this point?
  13. kjspro

    Traditional 4pt Veneered Gilbert

    You considering any trades for this cue? Sorry, I had to ask.
  14. kjspro

    Sold Bludworth Cue FS LOWER PRICE

    Would you consider any trades for another cue? I have a couple options that I could send your way.
  15. kjspro

    Traditional 4pt Veneered Gilbert

    Definitely interested, just trying to find the cash...