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  1. wixo3

    CPBA Worsted Cloth, Cheaper alternative to simonis

    is CPBA still the recommended budget cloth? anyone try out royal pro cloth?
  2. wixo3

    Schmelke with veneers

    Looking for a 4 point Schmelke with veneers, wrap or wrapless is fine. Can pay cash but also have a Lucasi cue or OB Classic shaft to trade
  3. wixo3

    wtb cheap radial shaft

    Something under $50 preferably, it's for a cheap backup cue.
  4. wixo3

    Looking for a cheap break cue -- under $75

    Any break cues out there $75 and under?
  5. wixo3

    WTB cue --$250+trades

    In the market for a new cue and looking to see what's out there, I like bushka style cues, 4 points, veneers is a plus, both wrap or wrapless is fine. Pretty open to anything so show me what you've got. Got $250 cash to spend plus a few items up for trade: Lucasi sneaky, Joss sneaky, 5/16x14...
  6. wixo3

    WTB inexpensive 4 point veneer cue

    Looking for a bushka style cue, 4 point cue with veneers, must be under 250
  7. wixo3

    WTB Schmelke with veneers

    Looking for a schmelke sneaky, preferably with veneers! Show me your schmelkes!
  8. wixo3

    Beautiful New 5280

    Got a brand new 5280 MH15 cue with beautiful inlays and sharp points. For a production cue, this thing is beautiful, and for this price it would make a great player for an intermediate player or a good gift for anyone. Specs: 18.0 oz, 3/8x10, Tiger redline tip. Only $190, these are $250 new. I'm...
  9. wixo3

    Any cues around $50?

    looking for an inexpensive backup cue, let me know what youv've got. Interested in players cues but open to anything.
  10. wixo3

    WTB cheap break cue --- under 50

    Before I pull the trigger on this J&J break cue, I'd like to see what's out there. Need a cheap but decent break cue.
  11. wixo3

    black diamond water buffalo tip

    Has anyone played with one, if so, how do these play? I ran a search and couldn't find much info on these. My cue repair guy stocks these and I was thinking of giving them a shot. Any info is much appreciated.
  12. wixo3

    What tip is this?

    I was told it came from the Philippines. it's black with grey grooves throughout and a single layer tip.
  13. wixo3

    PureX HXTE5 or HXTE10

    looking for either of these cues, pm me
  14. wixo3


  15. wixo3

    cheap 5280 cue

    Great condition, only a very few hours of play. I took great care of this cue, no dings, dents, or scratches. I paid $250 only asking SOLD shipped. Recently purchased a new cue and this one is no longer used. It's a gorgeous cue with sharp points and beautiful inlays, and it plays just as good...
  16. wixo3

    new 5280, big discount
  17. wixo3

    Ball id

    Can anyone tell me what kind of aramiths these are, and if they are worth the price?
  18. wixo3

    WTB cheap set of balls

    anyone looking to get rid of a quality set of balls for a low price? Mainly looking for a used aramith set, maybe cyclop. thanks
  19. wixo3

    What player do you model your game after?

    For those who model their game after a certain player: what player do you try to play like? What parts of their game do you try to adopt most?
  20. wixo3

    WTB Sneaky with veneers

    Looking for a sneaky with veneers. Show me what you've got fellas. Nothing too pricey!