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  1. MmmSharp

    Your best playing production cue

    Canadian dufferin with the glider joint. Never liked the aluminum joint.
  2. MmmSharp


    I saw the title of this thread and though "he can't mean the comicstrip. No one i know read that". I was a youngin in the 80s. But i still loved it.
  3. MmmSharp

    A little help with my stroke

    Someone mentioned elevation already. But i noticed you were shooting off the rail with a full closed bridge creating a much higher elevation. Do you normally shoot off the rail like that ? Or was that a one time thing ? Normally people people play off the rail by using the rail and hand...
  4. MmmSharp

    HOW BRAND CUES Company seems to be owned by a billiards coach in china. I would guess they are made their as well.
  5. MmmSharp

    Alternative to Calcutta

    Can you do one of those random card games ? You buy a card that is face down with the players name on it. Once all cards are bought, they are flipped. You find out who you bought. If your card/player wins you get the pot or split 2 or 3 ways. Not sure if this still breaks your gambling...
  6. MmmSharp


    I have been wondering this as well.
  7. MmmSharp

    The never ending quest for the perfect cue (long, boring rant).

    I like to try different things. What i found out is i have a real hard time adjusting to the low deflection cues. I stick to solid maple. My goto is my full splice sugar tree. While i will try other cues or play with other cues i have, when it is serious play the sugartree is my cue.
  8. MmmSharp

    Any pros still playing with Ex Pro?

    Garczar is offering reasons why that might be. It is all speculation. I would speculate that mezz wants to promote their cf shafts more that wood for business reasons. They could be planning on making less wood shafts, they could more profit from the cf shafts etc. You could also speculate...
  9. MmmSharp

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I think some of us azb posters might be able this theory wrong.
  10. MmmSharp

    Tokyo area pool rooms

    For sure. I had to go find the thread again where he posted pics. My wife is jealous ;)
  11. MmmSharp

    Tokyo area pool rooms

    Every time i see your setup i am blown away.
  12. MmmSharp

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Lease or rent ?
  13. MmmSharp

    9 Ball Hitting Hard and Hoping as a Strategy

    For me, Call pocket helps people get to the level you are talking about when you mention superior players. Planning ahead and making the shots you call makes you a better player. If you are not interested in getting better, slop is fun. 9ball is the gamblers game as other said. It involves...
  14. MmmSharp

    June "Caption This"

    I'm too sexy for this match Too sexy for this set, Too sexy for this game You know i'm a fisherman , you know what i mean ? And i do my casting from the boat dock, The boat dock yeah, I do all my casting from the boat dock.
  15. MmmSharp

    Do you move balls using the body of a carbon fiber shaft?

    And there is a ceiling fan you have a grudge against. Perfect combination.
  16. MmmSharp

    Do you move balls using the body of a carbon fiber shaft?

    I try not to use the shaft to move balls around. Any shaft. I was taught it was a bad habit when i started so i have always been careful to avoid it. I realize it being a bad habit is an opinion. Just the way i was taught.
  17. MmmSharp

    Can you still get Lakewood/Superior wood?

    It is not lake wood, but similar concept. Check out bog wood. It is wood that has been salvaged from bogs and started the fossilization process. The bogs give it different darker colors. I alway though a cue made out bog wood would be a cool project.
  18. MmmSharp

    Looking for insight on stance, 6 foot 8 pool player

    How flexible care you ? This not a pick up line. I think a lot of people who have body aches are often stretching, or using muscles they dont typically use. I am having that issue right now because covid made me lazy. You being taller is the opposite my concern. You would need to strengthen...
  19. MmmSharp

    Bubinga Cue

    That is stunning. I am always in awe of people with artistic talent. Even more when it is used to make a practical item pretty. One of the reasons i love pool cues.
  20. MmmSharp

    Should we start a petition to change the 5 ball back to orange again?

    I can start the petition on No problem there. What i need is a write up on what we are petitioning, who we are petitioning against. Was there ever a reason given on changing the ball color ? What events have the new colors been used in ? What reasons do we have to want the...