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    Replacing the joint pin in a Cuetec

    Sent pm
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    Cue lathe

    Sold pending payment....
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    Instroke 3x7

    headed to Illinois
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    player to repairman to cuemaker(any and all)

    How many years did you play before you started working on cues AND then making???????please be honest......
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    got it took care of
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    can you kick in?

    something for this great cause???
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    Honduras Mahogany
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    Honduras Mahogany

    Any one(or 10)guy's interested in going in and buying some with me?? Guy has around 200 pieces of 3''x3'' 5' long(or close to it) and 100 2''x4'' 5' long(close) buy it all or none and I cant foresee me spending that much$$$$$$$$$$.....ever on wood at one time Id be willing to cut into 20''(or...
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    Sat's in Calhoun,Ga

    New hall in Calhoun,Ga....Calhoun Amusement....Saturday tournies switching every week from 8-ball/9-ball this weeks is 9-ball 6 New Valley black cat bar tables($.50) 3 New Diamond bar tables start at 3:00pm $20 entry(calcutta by vote of players) split cost of games 100% payout real nice place...
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    Opinions on cutting v-grooves/points

    Of course I have my own ideas but,Lets just say you are going to do 4 points no veneers... What size of forearm do you start with when cutting point grooves?diameter of both ends and length How long of a groove do you cut? How long is the point wood you start out with?
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    inlays by hand??

    anyone still old school???chisels,knives and files
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    "IF" you live anywhere near Dalton,Ga.

    and could come please check this out
  13. HDR10

    Benefit for Ty Woods @Playland in Dalton,Ga.

    Ty's Family needs all the help we can give them and I know there are some folks that knew him on AZB!So we are having a benefit tourney!Anyone that can make it even if you didnt know Ty/April would be GREATLY appreciated It'll be a prize/trophy payout to raise a little cash because with all...
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    What to do??

    you goof and leave the break ball where the rack goes for the next frame! what do you do then??
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    I am how I am!!!

    "IF" you ask for an opinion I'll give you mine but,you better expect the worst and hope for the best!!!!!!!I ALWAYS tell it like it is and don't care who gets offended or if it hurts their feelings!!!!
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    what say you??

    guy wants a silver/aluminum/stainless ring under his ferrule!Has anyone seen/done this before?? Do you think it would hurt/help/change the hit?? never seen anything like this other than a shaft J.Baxter has posted for sale that has a black ring of some sort under the ferrule
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    changing the insert on Pred 314'2??

    ''IF'' there is a thread on it could someone post the link(nothing for me on search) has anyone done this?? can it be done(like on any other shaft? I've done it on old regular shafts just not an aftermarket and Im scared to even try it right now
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    change a pin?

    anyone willing to change a 5/16 stainless pin to G-10 but keep the stainless collar??price involved?
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    Irish Linen?

    anyone have any spools they cant/wont use and would sell? partial,new,even the ugly colors
  20. HDR10

    whats the wierdest??

    or ugliest,nastiest type/color wood you have ever used/seen for cues? reason for asking is I just cut down a black walnut thats really not black in the middle!more of a brownish with some funky looking streaks! cant take any pics to show but its the funniest looking wood Ive seen