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  1. crazy8legs

    Can I see your pool table lights?

    There is a Predator version that is dimmable and heat color adjustable via a remote.
  2. crazy8legs

    Spikeball?! Or 8 Ball?

    So I'm having brunch. Sitting at the bar. And Spikeball is on ESPN. And it just had me thinking... This is on tv over pool? Which has me thinking some more... I appreciate what Matchroom is doing for pool. But I still think they are only catering to/hitting the pool-playing community. If true...
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    Aramith TV Super Pro I find that this set is the easiest to distinguish between all the balls, while still keeping most of the traditional colors.
  4. crazy8legs

    Mid cue extensions? Yes or no?

    I've tried a Balance Rite 4" mid extension. I'm 5'8" and it threw my mechanics and timing off. However I gave it to my friend who is 6'7" and it really improved his form and he plays much better with it. I now have a 30" CF shaft and I find I hit through the ball better with it. But I don't...
  5. crazy8legs

    Pool road trip USA — best pool halls, best action, best spots 2022

    You need to add Society Billiards in Manhattan to your list. It's really nice, underground, and all Diamond tables.
  6. crazy8legs

    5/16x18 butt for Cynergy 12.5mm and Revo 12.9mm?

    Valhalla are the best deal for a new cue with a 5/16x18 joint (A used Meucci, Action, or Players should also work). I believe they have a joint diameter of 0.845 which both of those shafts fall close to. (Do not get a Lucasi as they mostly use a Uni-Loc joint and will not fit.)
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    Carbon Fiber Shaft Price Comparison

    Search 'Tickles Cue Repair' on Facebook. People around here shoot with them and seem to like them.
  8. crazy8legs

    Carbon Fiber Shaft Price Comparison

    I just found another one I think: Prine Custom Cues - Optimus CF shaft $377 They claim there is zero deflection, and the Drill Instructor, Dominic Esposito, is associated with the company somehow. Does anyone know anything about this one?
  9. crazy8legs

    Who other than Tiger is doing sanded stack wraps?

    I think you may be wrong. I have a basic McDermott that has a stack wrap, which originally had a linen wrap. It fits a standard depth cutout from my understanding (I've heard the Predator Sport wraps are another story...)
  10. crazy8legs

    New WHYTE CARBON vs. Predator Revo Carbon Fiber Shaft ... "Ebony and Ivory"

    It's probably not you actually. Lol. I messaged him on FB Messenger. He told me he offers it and sent me some pics that I'm including here.
  11. crazy8legs

    New WHYTE CARBON vs. Predator Revo Carbon Fiber Shaft ... "Ebony and Ivory"

    They do. Check out the Wheat State CF shaft. He can do it in a wood finish. The info is on their FB page. But I've never hit with one so I can't attest to how they play.
  12. crazy8legs

    Carbon Fiber Shaft Price Comparison

    I have a GO. The feel of the shaft and the feel of the hit is probably better than any I've shot with. Goran the owner is very responsive on the GO FB page, and is a nice guy to work with. I shoot with his SL 12.6. My only issue is it still deflects a little more than my Predator Vantage, and I...
  13. crazy8legs

    FOUL Called on SVB at the UK OPEN

    I always thought if there was a simultaneous hit or it was undeterminable, the call went in favor of the shooter. Regardless I'm sure the referee, Marcel Eckert, will be studying up on that shot and those like it. (Wouldn't be surprised if he does in fact see Dr Dave's analysis of it.)
  14. crazy8legs

    Any difference between Mezz EC9 & MSP cues?

    I'm 5'8 and have a 30" shaft and love the extra inch. I find it allows me to hit through the ball better, and the extra reach is an obvious upside too. The only downside that I've heard about, which I don't know if true, is that a 30" wood shaft may play more whippy than a 29" (not the case with...
  15. crazy8legs

    Who other than Tiger is doing sanded stack wraps?

    Ryan Theewen - look him up on Facebook. Seybert's Billiards Nielsen's Billiards - did mine and a very good job of it
  16. crazy8legs

    Jacoby Black - 12.7

    Thanks for taking the time to give some great feedback. This was exactly what I was looking for. I have two CF shafts now but they both deflect more than my ld wood shafts (last night I think I finally accepted that). I don't want to have to factor that back in to my aiming, so I'm shelving...
  17. crazy8legs

    ESPN 30 for 30 on Jeanette Lee.

    I'm pretty sure she was a regular at Amsterdam Billiards when they were originally off Amsterdam Ave. You might want to check that also if you have not.
  18. crazy8legs

    Jacoby Black - 12.7

    Anyone have any feedback on the 12.7 Jacoby Black cf shaft? I've shot with their 12.3 and liked it, but it's just too skinny for my taste. I'm most curious about its feel and deflection. Thanks.
  19. crazy8legs

    Air Travel With Cues.

    What was the hard case they use and you bought?
  20. crazy8legs

    Ordering a new cue from a known cue maker. Should you order two wood shafts made or obtain one CF shaft?

    A friend just pointed out another reason for two shafts, which I think is an even better reason to have two. (I don't think failures, like popping off a tip, are really that common.) Dings! If you ding one you you can grab your other shaft and fix the dinged one later (or get your cue repair...