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  1. RedGuru

    Moving a World of Leisure Winner's Choice table

    Tomorrow I may be buying this table and then have to transport it 60 miles from a home to my Florida Room. This has a slate bed and is a 7' Table. Is it easiest to disassemble or better to remove the legs and dolly it to a truck or trailer? I have zero experience with this brand of table but...
  2. RedGuru

    Which safe to play

    Sorry, Shockwave doesn't work too well under a wrapper in linux. Anyway. my opponent just missed the 9, in an 8 ball game and left me this shot on the 8. Both the 11 and 8 are froze to the rail. Do I pocket the 9 or do I push the 11 into the 8 ,both options giving my opponent ball in hand.
  3. RedGuru

    What is your match greeting?

    At league and tournament matches, a lot of people shake hands and say "Good Luck". I always say "Shoot well". What say you?