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    Can anyone identify this cue?

    It's a Huebler. I have one just like it (I've got the same case too).
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    Sold Old 70's Josswest cue with 2 shafts for sale

    This is a photo of the butt sleeve on my 1974 Joss West cue. My Joss West looks very much like the one for sale. The black butt cap does look attractive, in my opinion.
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    I purchased a Richard Black cue from Bill last year. I live about 50 miles from his home, so I went over there to look at his cues and make my selection. He has a lot of very nice cues from all the choice makers. Also, no attitude, no bullshit, all cues in top condition and reasonable prices...
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    is this guy a scam

    You make a good point about eBay holding the funds. I couldn't think of a legitimate reason for multiple sellers to be selling the same "one of a kind" item, so I don't consider those sellers. There may be one, I just can't think of what it would be. In addition to this, the cue I referred to...
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    is this guy a scam

    I was looking at Richard Black cue sticks on Ebay and found the following Japanese sellers all selling the same Richard Black cue at the same time: japanese_samurai_shop minmin77_store nippon-goods The following sellers were also selling that exact same cue, but the auctions have ended...
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    Is it possible to see some more pictures of the Tim Scruggs cue you are offering for sale?

    Is it possible to see some more pictures of the Tim Scruggs cue you are offering for sale?
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    Places to play in Kalamazoo, MI

    Looks like Comstock Billiards (5301 Comstock Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49048) is the only place in town with 9 foot tables. I went to college in Kalamazoo many years ago, but I have no experience with this pool hall.
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    Sold ***Schick stunner - 1993 4 pointer***

    What is the price?
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    Shane Van Boening at Hall of Fame in Warren, MI

    I just came home from the Hall of Fame Billiards hall in Warren, Michigan where Shane Van Boening is playing a match. I was told that the match was supposed to start at 4:00 PM if anyone would like to watch.