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  1. MSchaffer

    Mosconi cup

    I never realized how bad Nick Schulman was at commentating.
  2. MSchaffer

    Everything's bigger in Texas

    This is at the Billiard Den in Richardson. Really nice place…nothing bad to say about it, just commenting that it is almost exclusively 8 footers and large pockets….something I never saw in socal.
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    Everything's bigger in Texas

    I'll give Stixx and Stones a try...a little further away, but seems more like something I would enjoy more than my current choice.
  4. MSchaffer

    Everything's bigger in Texas

  5. MSchaffer

    Everything's bigger in Texas

    Recently moved to the Great State of Texas, and have been frequenting a local pool hall. Great place, plenty of quality tables and really close to where I'm staying right now, but the pocket I checked them all...same size on all of 'em. Pretty sure they are just a bit over 5"...
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    I'm not kidding when I say that this is a great pick. I am very excited to watch him play. He is the most talented player on the team except for maybe Shane. He just cant focus for long races in long tournaments, but a race to 5? Gotta be one of the best in the world still.
  7. MSchaffer

    New method for installing inlays

    As an FYI, I certainly wasn't suggesting it actually be used in today's modern cue market. I just thought it was a cool video, and needed a way to find it pool related to post.
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    New method for installing inlays

    Thought this was really cool...
  9. MSchaffer

    tip technology - hardness at center different from hardness at edges

    I believe Jaden's 'On Target' tips utilized some of these ideas (I can't remember if his were soft center or hard center). Not sure if he still has those tips anymore, or if I have him confused with someone else.
  10. MSchaffer

    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    Not sure you know what a 640 looks like, but what I saw from Trump was not it. I think he is around mid-700s with his current experience level. We'll never know what he is capable of, because I really doubt he does too many of these. If he is a 640 with that stroke, then the rest of us are...
  11. MSchaffer

    Corner ball goes straight in every rack, WTF!!!

    Nothing has been said specifically over it that I've seen, but to me it is quite a good move. Templates greatly increase the odds of making a ball on the break, and greatly reduce the amount of clusters, both of which lead to quicker matches. With a 256 player field, match times could quickly...
  12. MSchaffer

    Question: Why do People Pay to Sign up to get Slaughtered?

    Are you still a C player?
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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    At this point, Trump could win the entire tournament and some of you will still remark on how terrible he is, and that he is a 550 Fargo at best. From what I've seen so far, he is one of the stronger players in the field. He struggles with deflection a bit, but is getting better, and is a...
  14. MSchaffer

    North America divided into 6 regions with top-player lists

    Looks like AZ players are listed inthe South Central region instead of the Western region
  15. MSchaffer

    Age Related Decline

    I feel like I can play just as good, if not better than my prime, but at age 53, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain focus for long periods of time. I used to be able to focus for hours upon hours playing onsistently at my highest gear. Now I can play even better, but I can't...
  16. MSchaffer

    Long sets poll...............

    I prefer races to 15ish on the big tables, but on a barbox, I'm looking for long races. I'm not impressed with a B&R on a barbox, but I watch those to see how many they can string together in a row, and that can only be done in long races. I'm looking forward to Shane and Dennis this weekend...
  17. MSchaffer

    What is a big money tournament in Derby City Style?

    "Currently, for California residents, the maximum SSI payment is $910.72 per month for an eligible individual living independently and $1532.14 per month for an eligible couple."
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    Surprise surprise about about Pool in MSM.👍

    He was a regular poster here at AZB when he was very young and just getting started. If I remember right, he posted as Eagletrickshots or something like that.
  19. MSchaffer

    Test Your POOL KNOWLEDGE … Take New Pool QUIZZES

    Missed a few by going too fast, but had some issues with a couple of others.... 8 ball must have a stripe on one corner and a solid on the other...there are many rules, and this is not included in all of them. Q-"When is a miscue a foul?" A-"Only if it is intentional..."? The word "only" is...
  20. MSchaffer

    Nice out ,bar table . Kuya Nick Tinik

    I only assumed it was league play since he was marking his pocket.