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  1. steveinflorida

    From Steve Price

    Happy New Year to all my pals on AZ Billiards.
  2. steveinflorida

    A message from steve price

    As some of you already know, I have had some health issues ( on and off, mostly on) for the last six months. I am back in my shop now, but, only for 2 to 3 hours a day, I hope to be up to full speed soon. However, I have fallen behind enough that I have stopped taking any orders for cases...
  3. steveinflorida

    Ray Martin's Birthday

    Yep, today is Ray Martin's birthday. :happy-birthday: I hope all AZ'ers will join me in wishing him a happy birthday. He is in fine health and going strong. :thumbup2: You can still take lessons from one of the greatest straight pool players to ever walk the earth. :bow-down: Give him a call at...
  4. steveinflorida

    A message from Steve Price, case maker.

    I have added my phone number to my signature. I just do not have enough time to get to my e-mails and PM's and since I have a hands free phone in the shop I think this is the way to go. So, if you have a questions about my cases or want to order one or just check on a case you have on order...
  5. steveinflorida

    A message from Steve Price, case maker.

    I have added my phone number to my signature. I just don't have enough time to keep checking e-mails and P.M.'s on my computer, and since I have a hands free phone in the shop I think this is the way to go. So, if anyone has questions about my cases, wants to order one or just to check on a...
  6. steveinflorida

    Charlie Edwards 1x2 Case

    Just finished Charlie's 1x2 case. Made from 8 oz. shoulder hide in black with nickle hardware. Charlie wanted a sturdy, nothing fancy, leather case. So this is it. Charlie hasn't seen the case yet and asked me to post pictures and he will do the review at a later date. Sorry for the poor pics...
  7. steveinflorida

    How much did your playing cue cost?

    Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Notta. My signed, un-stamped, David Jacoby Hoppe was a gift to me eight years ago from my good friend Ryan Roy of Conn. I have made some changes to it, weight, taper and a third shaft, but, it's still the same cue and all I have played with for the past eight years. I'll...
  8. steveinflorida

    Charlie Edwards

    AZ'er Charlie Edwards is recovering from open heart surgery and I know we all wish him a speedy recovery.
  9. steveinflorida

    Time to give thanks

    Happy thanksgiving to all the az community.
  10. steveinflorida

    VINTAGE 1X2 cue case.....FOR SALE

    Here it is.
  11. steveinflorida

    Rob "The Hurricain" Peacock needs your prayers

    Rob "The Hurricane" Peacock needs your prayers Just recieved word from his sister Beth, that my good friend and Artistic Pool competitor Rob "The Hurricane" Peacock of Clearwater, Florida was severly injured when struck by a car while traveling on his motor scooter here in Clearwater. So far he...
  12. steveinflorida

    Anyone Know John Walz ?

    John J. Walz of Matawana, N.J. special ordered an extra long 1x2 cue case from me and paid in full up front. However, on the same day that it was delivered he had a temporary hold on the monies in my Paypal account for non-delivery. I have contacted Paypal and provided them with all info. to...
  13. steveinflorida

    cuesblues and AZer's from Steve Price

    Thank you cuesblues for your help and thank you AZer's for your kind words.
  14. steveinflorida

    Fs steve price 1x2 leather case

  15. steveinflorida

    Hoppecopy a new member

    We have a new member, Hoppecopy (Ryan Roy). I have known him for many years and can say without reservation that he is an honest, stand up guy who also just happens to have a fantastic cue collection. He has been around pool for a long, long time and I am sure some other AZ'ers also know him...
  16. steveinflorida

    To Tank 138

    I am sure all AZer's will join us in expressing our heart felt condolence to Tank 138 on the loss of his mother on October 14th 2009. You are in our thoughts and prayers Tommy. Steve & Frances Price
  17. steveinflorida

    Jays book

    Jay's book An absolute must for any pool aficionado. This is the real deal. Best book yet on the world of pool. I was at a lot of the places that Jay talks about, including lovely Fort Polk, Louisana, and Jay's recolection is uncany. His talent for telling stories is wonderful. If you...
  18. steveinflorida

    Artie Burkendof, Any one remember his pool days in Chicago?

    I think I have the last name correct. Played in Chicago. Was almost unbeatable there.
  19. steveinflorida

    Does Anyone Remember...............

    a pool player from Arkansas that called himself 'The Green Lizard'? We're going back a few years on this one. I've heard a couple of stories about him. One is that after winning all the cash he would hand the loser a card that said "You have just been hustled by The Green Lizard". Any other...