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  1. sokaiba

    DIY Cue Extension

    Wanted to buy a lightweight cue extension but couldn't find one for less then $22 shipped so I figured I could just make one. Went to Lowe's and spent $9.13. The fitting was about 3.98 and I'll probably make a few more for friends just to cover the tape cost of 4.58. The hardest part was...
  2. sokaiba

    LTT or Sell Mike Stacey SP

    I have the cue that is shown on Mike Stacey's website and am currently looking for a jump/break(I picked up a J/B, just looking to sell now.). Shaft is curly maple and has some slight bluing. Butt has a few mm size impressions that can only be seen when light casts a glare and you really look...
  3. sokaiba

    Moving to Greensboro.........

    I'll be moving to Greensboro in October and was wondering what the pool scene was like there. I play all games, gamble or fun. Just looking for a nice quiet place to play with either some GC's or Diamonds. Kai
  4. sokaiba

    Denver area CL find.......
  5. sokaiba

    The only way I will ever play 9 ball again...

    I don't really care for the game. I don't know if it is the luck factor or that I think it is mindless pool fodder. The following are the only rules I will ever use to play this game. Scratch goes in the kitchen after the break or on any scratched shot, the incoming player has the option...
  6. sokaiba

    AZB email?

    How cool would an AZBilliards email service be. Junk email from sponsors you actually like and would possibly buy from, plus an easy way to promote events or gatherings to the pool community. Ship it! Kai
  7. sokaiba

    Biggest spot you gave or received.......

    What was the biggest spot you gave or were given, and what happened? I was at a local room one night and this local guy kept woofin that he wanted to play me (he doesn't gamble or I would be rich) and was gonna beat me. So we started playing some one pocket even, which I won 8-0, 8-1, 8-0 in...
  8. sokaiba

    Amazing etchings on leather.....

    Just found this artists site. Not only is his art sick, but it is huge. Someone needs to partner with him to do some cases. Just wow. Kai
  9. sokaiba

    Anchorage, AK AZers

    Looks like I'll be heading back to AK to visit the folks this summer and was wondering if there were any one hole, 14.1 or golf players up there. Last time I went I could only find 8 and 9 ball. Also, which place has decent action if any? Thanks for the help. Kai
  10. sokaiba

    WTB 3/8 11 JP's

    Want to buy a set of 3/8 11 jp's for coco cue. Black plastic are fine as well but would not mind picking up a wood set. Kai
  11. sokaiba

    WTB 2x3 or 2x4

    Looking for a 2x3 or 2x4 case for around 100. Condition does not matter as long as interior is intact. Kai
  12. sokaiba

    Looking for a new sneaky

    Looking for a new sneaky between 200 to 500. Prefer a lighter weight cue and wood to wood joints, the stiffer the better. Could be not-so-sneaky or have veneers also. Kai
  13. sokaiba

    For those in the Denver area.
  14. sokaiba

    For those in the Denver area.
  15. sokaiba

    AZers in the denver area.......

    Meeting up with some friends at Greenfields on Wednesday 14th for some free pool food and fun. I'll be there a little before 4, until 9 or so. Thought I would shoot out an invite and see what happens. I'm the bald guy with 1" holes in his ears and tattoos, kinda hard to miss...
  16. sokaiba

    Take my eye please....

    For the last 3 or 4 months the lower eyelid of my left eye has been twitching. Luckily it has not been severe, but it is a bit annoying when I get down to shoot. Has anyone else dealt with this or know of any remedies. I made a doctor's appointment but thought I would post here in case some...
  17. sokaiba

    Sweet Craigslist Deal in Colorado
  18. sokaiba

    Upside of losing............

    Played in my first tournament last night after taking a break from pool for 6 to 8 months. Finished 5th and played well. Next time it's mine.:thumbup:
  19. sokaiba

    Heard a rumor

    I heard that the Colorado Cue Club closed its doors today. Is there any one that can confirm or squash this?
  20. sokaiba

    Pulled this out of the closet.

    I have this old Brunswick KU? King Snooker cue that has been in my closet for over 20 years. My dad brought it home one day from the Salvation Army. Was trying to find out when it was made and what the value might be. It is a 14.88 oz. cue. Might be an ivory joint but not certain. The wrap is...