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    WTB Plain Tonkin Cue

    The plainer the better! Show me what you’ve got.
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    Cue maker signatures

    Thanks for saving me the effort of having to write what you wrote
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    WTT my high-end, brand-new Ron Thomas case.

    RARE Ron Thomas Alligator Case Confirmed by Mr. Thomas to be genuine alligator, NOT embossed leather. This case is a $3,200 build, given how costly it is to procure suitable skin. I’m assuming that this case might only be of interest to a collector searching for the rarest, highest quality...
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    WTT 1 of 1 Jerry Olivier cue for Scotty Cameron putter

    I have a gorgeous, unchalked/unhit Jerry Olivier cue with natural ferrules and joint that I’d like to trade for a high-end Scotty Cameron putter. Only interested in prototypes, special issues, Circle Ts, Brad Faxons, etc. A few pics here:
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    Looking for an UNUSED Ron Thomas case

    1x2 is my preference, but I’m willing to look at 2x4s as well. Only interested in brand new leather cases; “mint condition” or “only used for storage,” etc. is not of interest.
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    Broken bumper

    I was hand-tightening a bumper when suddenly the head snapped off of the rubber screw. What would be the most advisable way for me to retrieve the body from the cue? The head snapped off in such a manner as to leave the body somewhat flush to the bottom of the cue. Thanks in advance.
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    Cyclop Hyperion Brand New & Sealed $325

    Brand new, unopened set of Cyclop Hyperion balls. Shipping included. $325. PayPal F&F or Venmo only.
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    Old Black Boar

    I’m looking for plain Black Boars with the old logo. TIA.
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    If an old cue is in excellent condition except for delamination near rings, what’s the wisest fix?
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    WTB John Slavotinek (Scruggs’ apprentice) cue.

    Please PM me if you have a Slavotinek cue for sale. Thanks.
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    Schon 13 Shaft

    This shaft has recently been cleaned (sanded, but not sealed), with a new tip (not sure what kind) installed, and hasn't been hit since. Original ferrule, but not certain of the material. $SOLD covers USPS priority domestic shipping and PP's goods & services fees.
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    TAD cue

    I’m looking for a TAD cue that isn’t overly ornate, but that’s also not as plain as a Merry Widow or a Sneaky Pete either. Clean window inlays are a plus, as are rosewood and curly maple.
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    Bob Frey or Tim Scruggs cues

    Looking primarily for Bob Frey cues (any) or Tim Scruggs cues (primarily Sneaky Petes and Merry Widows). Only requirement is that they’re straight together and apart. Let me know what you’ve got!
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    Looking for Scruggs or Frey Sneaky Pete Cues Only

    Looking for Sneaky Pete cues made by either Tim Scruggs or Bob Frey. Am willing to pay a fair price for a cue that is straight together AND apart, but will consider shafts (but no butts) that only have the slightest of rolls. Thanks!