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  1. jazzn4444

    Purpleheart Cognoscenti FS

    For Sale ONLY: Purpleheart Plain Jane COGNOSCENTI 16oz (can be adjusted to 17oz) 1yr 2months old. Black/White speck Wrap Standard Rings One shaft Joint Protectors Original Green G-10 pin Butt does have some minor chips in the finish at the butt cap. There is a minor crack in the finish on the...
  2. jazzn4444

    Blue Elf Tips!!

    Just picked up a few of these tips from Atlas. They are wonderful! They play like Triangles, but layered and a little more consistent from tip to tip. Played on it last night and let a bunch of people try it out. Everyone loved it. Gotta order more, they want them on their cues and now...
  3. jazzn4444

    Butterfly Cue

    I think I really want to call this a butterfly sneaky pete, but I don't think the sneaky pete fans would agree... Made this one from scratch, NOT A BRUNSWICK. Will post the progress pics later. I already have a few people asking about these from the photos I sent from my phone. Tell me what...
  4. jazzn4444

    Rant about "forgetfulness"

    So in the midst of being extremely pissed about how people at cue components promise things and never deliver I can't help but let others know about their "word". I needed another dipping tank since after moving my shop it was completely crushed. And since I needed some Resolute, I decided to...
  5. jazzn4444

    Recently Completed

    Just finished buffing out these 3 cues. The 2 on the left are for customers and the last one on the right is.... for me! (From Top to Bottom) Brunswick Butterfly Conversion w/2 veneers, purpleheart sneaky pete, Brunswick Butterfly Conversion. The shafts are getting tips tomorrow so I'll post...
  6. jazzn4444

    Got my Atlas goodies!!!

    I just got my red box full of goodness! These "Doodles" are the best. I think I may have to eat these in moderation! Thanks Atlas!
  7. jazzn4444

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Happy Birthday Sarah!!
  8. jazzn4444

    FS: Helmstetter with wood pin (POOL CUE) and Barnhart Plain Jane

    I'm selling these for a friend at the pool room. Unfortunately he needs the cash so no trades accepted. Both cues are paypal friendly. Barnhart - Plain Jane Black Leather Wrap Purpleheart - whole cue is cored on a laminated dowel 1 shaft - very slight wobble Tip - Moori Med 18 oz few dings...
  9. jazzn4444

    What do I need to make...

    I have a cue that had a wood pin... notice I said "had". It is now broken. What do I need to do to make a new one for it? It's a 15/32-10 thread from a Mariposa cue. I'm thinking about making them from wood, and maybe I'll make a few in G-10. CAN ANYONE HELP ME?
  10. jazzn4444

    What size...

    What size pins do the following use? Helmstetter - wood pin - Bludworth- South East Cues-
  11. jazzn4444

    Brunswick Hi-Run House Cues Wanted

    I'm looking to get a few Brunswick Hi-Run house cues. I'm looking for the ones with butterfly points WITH veneers. If you have any you wish to part with, drop me a PM. Thanks
  12. jazzn4444

    G-10 3/8-10 pins...

    Does anyone know where I can get some G-10 pins with 3/8-10 thread?
  13. jazzn4444

    Birdseye/Bloodwood Sneaky Pete

    I pray this one comes out well...
  14. jazzn4444


    I just had a deal go down with IronChef. Great person to deal with. Totally cool and in my opinion wayyyyy too patient! Great Trade Ricky. Thanks again. M buddy said that it was the best deal he's been a part of since his divorce.
  15. jazzn4444

    Have a....

    :D Have yourself a wicked fierce new year! :cool:
  16. jazzn4444

    Merry Christmas Sarah!

    Merry Christmas Sarah. I hope you get lots and lots of christmas presents!
  17. jazzn4444

    FS : Ebony and Ivory SE

    I've got an Ebony and Ivory inlaid SouthEast. Comes with 2 shafts. One original and one made by Kyle Vandenbosch (of Mariposa Cues, not the football player!) PM me your email or post it till I can get the photos shrunk to fit. Asking for $1200 or best offer. I'll pay for the cue to be...
  18. jazzn4444

    FS : Omega/DPK

    I have an Omega/DPK for sale. PM or post your email and I'll send you the pics till I can figure out how to shrink the photos. Comes with 2 original shafts. 19oz-ish. Asking for $800. Or a Gilbert J/B and $450. I'll pay for shipping (insured registered mail). Thanks
  19. jazzn4444

    Sarah Rousey

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May your day be special...not special like short bus, but like wicked cool special.
  20. jazzn4444

    ID time again kids....gather 'round!

    I got this from a friend who didn't like it. Need help identifying. Thanks to Shorty for helping my dumbass with resizing the pics.