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    Just back from Vegas, Cali

    The objective is to win.
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    Just back from Vegas, Cali

    Good old Texas One Shot! Everyone's been playing that game for years up here. I moved up here in 1985 and a few locals taught me the game. Sideways rack, 9 ball moves you shoot again, knocking the 9-ball around with no rail is allowed, etc. Great game, action junkies love it!
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    A Fun CHALLENGE DRILL to Test Your DRAW QUALITY … and SOFT VS. HARD TIP Comparison

    No, definitely don't be like any of those other guys. How about taking a look at some of the most popular YouTube channels (not necessarily pool related) and see how they present their info? They're exciting and keeps your attention. Anyone can present raw data in a monotone voice but the...
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    A Fun CHALLENGE DRILL to Test Your DRAW QUALITY … and SOFT VS. HARD TIP Comparison

    Good content as always, but I can't wait until you change the presentation style of your videos. It reminds of those old 80's science videos that we were forced to watch in school. Your musical chime and robotic voice puts me to sleep before I hit the one minute mark. Spice it up a little bit...
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    Anyone see the format for this year's SBE pro event?

    That seems like a typo and it should say "Races to 5 // First to Win 5 Games". However, a single race to 5 seems too short so maybe that's not correct either. I believe they raced to 9 or 11 in the past.
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    Advise to New Cue Admirers - Please Add Advice

    I never understood these guys that spend their whole lives searching for some mythical perfect hitting cue. I purchase cues based on visual aesthetics alone. The hit is meaningless to me. Unless there is some huge weight imbalance or something, they pretty much all hit relatively the same...
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    Do you “think” in “spoken language”?

    If you consciously think about thinking, you will naturally put the thought into words. If you think without thinking about thinking no words will be used. brain hurts
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    My 8 ball break (video)

    It's hard to give any improvement advice without seeing your body/mechanics
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    Derby City Prize Fund

    2022 16000 8650 6250 4000 2750 1750 1,000 550 400 300 250 2020 16000 8000 5350 3850 2600 1600 1000 600 400 300 250 2019 16000 8000 6000 3950 2800 2000 1300 700 400 300 250 2018 16000 8000 3950 2700 1500 900 600 400 300 250 2017 16000 8000 5650 3500 1500 900 600 400 300 250 2016 16000 7250...
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    Derby City Prize Fund

    I looked at the 9-ball payouts from 2015 to present and the payouts all follow a very close structure. Here's the trend that I noticed: 1. 1st Place is always $16,000. 2. 2nd Place is typically $8,000, or very close. 3. The lowest round always pays $250 (entry fee returned/broke even) 4...
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    Derby City Prize Fund

    With this format, there is the possibility of several people being tied for the same place and you have no way of knowing how many ties there will be. For example let's look at the 9-ball results from this year: 9-Ball: Round 15: 1st Place; $16,000 x 1 player = $16,000 Round 14: 2nd...
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    Derby City Prize Fund

    2023 DCC Banks Payouts: 2023 DCC One-Pocket Payouts: 2023 DCC 9-Ball Payouts...
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    Fargo Ratings Keep Rising: Improvement or System Correction?

    I think the ratings should eventually level off. They need to if we ever want to be able to compare players' skill levels from different eras (i.e. 20 years apart). I know chess players use a similar rating system (ELO). Right now the best chess player in the world (Magnus Carlson) has the...
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    Fargo Ratings Keep Rising: Improvement or System Correction?

    As time goes on, Fargo Ratings of the top players keeps getting higher and higher. I recall that not that long ago 820 was the highest. Now it's 839. Does this represent improvement or are the ratings simply adjusting as more data is entered into the system? I wonder how high it will rise...
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    I fully believed you up until this line: Now I bet there is more to the story. Who the hell can't draw a ball on filthy cloth??
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    Newbie and nerves

    Yes, they typically are accepted and often used. When it comes to big pro events such as the US Open you can't use them, but otherwise go right ahead.
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    Sight Sizes (Diamond Sizes)...

    What's so interesting about this to you? To me, this sounds like one of the least interesting things I could possibly read about. I must be missing something here lol
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    Newbie and nerves

    Welcome to the lovely world of pool! Pressure/nervousness/anxiousness affects everyone at all skill levels. The more you play the better you'll be at dealing with it but I wouldn't expect to ever feel as comfortable in match as you do when you're at home on the practice table. Here's a good...
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    Does Taom V10 only come in green?

    Does Taom V10 only come in green? I'm looking for blue to match my table but all I see is green. Has anyone used green on a blue bed cloth? Does it leave marks everywhere? Also, I was planning to buy on Amazon for $20/cube shipped. Any better deals out there?