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    German Masters 2023
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    World Grand Prix 2023

    Ronnie's match Jack's
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    Champions League snooker group 2 live

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    UK championships qualifying (live stream)

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    US national snooker Championships

    About to be kicked off (tomorrow) I'll post live streams if I find them
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    Live US Womens' open from Seattle

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    European Masters 2022-2023

    The afternoon session of the final is streamed here
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    World Seniors Snooker Championships

    With the world championships out of the way, and a day of rest, the world seniors snooker championship is up next in the crucible! And this year we actually have the first American to ever play snooker in the crucible! Our buddy Ahmed Aly will do us proud. Watch on or BBC
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    Welsh Open 2022
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    Champions League 2021/2022 Round 1

    No commentary :(
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    Grand prix 2021
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    Snooker in Houston

    A variety of players from all over the world have come to Houston to play in a tournament at QBall (Highway 6 and West Park). Followed by next weekend the PanAm snooker championship...
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    Finnish Toam chalk

    There was a big deal made during Ronnie's game about a new chalk. Toam (called Finnish as in from Finland) chalk. It's supposed to give far less kicks. Has anybody have any experience with that stuff? Just bought some for myself as a xmas present ($30 for 1 which is a bit ridiculous) I'll keep...
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    New snooker club in Houston with 8 tables

    I thought I'd give these guys another plug. I just got back from checking them out. And the tables are playing great! They got 8 full size snooker tables (one is an aristocrat) They've got a tournament starting this Friday. Everybody in the Houston area should come and check them out and...
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    US National snooker championship streamed live

    National Snooker Championship To Be Streamed Live by United States Snooker Association on Friday, May 18, 2012 at 10:24am · History is to be made this year as the United States Snooker Association (USSA) will be contracting the services of Point Of View Pool Media (POV Pool) to live stream over...
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    Snooker tournament in Houston, TX Halloween weekend At the Champions club in North Houston.
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    Rumor of snooker snooker hall in Houston

    Hot of the presses... There is a rumor of a brand new snooker hall in the Bellaire part of Houston near beltway 8, with 4 full size snooker tables. Has anybody heard of it? I'm gonna do some digging.
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    US snooker tour is coming to Texas

    Houston that is, starting Friday night of memorial weekend.
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    Live snooker streams

    Although my proxy is working, the bbc streams are not as of yet. I have yet to find a working stream. Here's the usual list of suspects (thanks to Scaramouch)...