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    Looking For: A cuemaker/cuemechanic to add a hidden joint extension to butt of cue

    I'm looking to hire someone (with some experience in these modifications) to add a hidden joint to the butt of the cue to get maybe 6 inches of extension. The butt is a regular factory Falcon butt. I wouldn't want the joint any farther than a foot from the end of the butt. Is this possible?
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    John Morra vs. Edwin Montal -- Barbox 8-ball for 15K in the middle

    Just confirmed: John Morra vs. Edwin Montal $7500 each 8-ball on Diamond barbox. One race to 25, winner breaks, straight up. Tuesday, April 23rd. Location: JRs Billiard Lounge in Calgary, Alberta. Will most likely be streamed, but address not finalized yet.
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    Accustats One-Pocket Tournament

    I just heard about the Accustats "Make it Happen" One-Pocket Invitational. I think it's a great idea and I am pretty pumped about it. 6-players have been invited (and have accepted) based on fan voting: Frost Van Boening Daulton Reyes Pagulayan Deuel Round-robin format, races to 3, winner...