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  1. gabesmom

    Gabe's Aunt on Life Support-SOFLA makes very generous CHALLENGE to AZB'ers!

    (The mods may want to move or delete this from "Main Forum", but it is pool related, as explained below. I just wanted most all AZB'ers to see it, so posting here too) My son's, Gabe Owen, dear aunt Janet, (since he was born, and my sister-in-law for 40+ years) has been on LIFE SUPPORT for the...
  2. gabesmom

    Gabe Owen admitted into hospital - Christmas Eve

    Just letting everyone know that Gabe became extremely ill yesterday, went to emergency room at hospital in middle of night, and after xrays, tests, etc., was admitted into hospital early this morning - Christmas Eve - in Tulsa. They've been getting him stabilized today and keeping him. It's not...
  3. gabesmom

    Gabe Owen's "One Pocket My Way" DVDs now available!

    Gabe wanted me to tell everyone that his "One Pocket My Way" DVDs are now available and he is running a special holiday promotion on the sets on his website . He made a BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE and also an ADVANCED DVD. Order 1 for $29.95 or get BOTH for only $44.95 + s/h...
  4. gabesmom

    Thank you AZBilliards for U.S. Open Coverage & Live Scoring!!

    Thank you AZBilliards (and any and/or all other powers that be) for bringing the U.S. Open live scoring, the Daily Buzz's, the front page stories, and of course, the brackets to the fans at home! An admirable undertaking for your fans of the Champs and AZB!! Thank you! :thumbup2: :thumbup2:
  5. gabesmom

    Gabe Owen vs Sylver Ochoa on livestream now

    Houston Open Final :smile:
  6. gabesmom

    Any info about Houston Open? updates/scores/streaming?

    Just curious if anyone knows and would share. Big fish stories welcome too. :grin: Thank you! :)
  7. gabesmom

    Is Houston Open being streamed?

    Just curious. :smile:
  8. gabesmom

    Gabe Owen producing new 1 Pocket Instructional DVDs

    As many of you know, I don't get to see Gabe that often throughout the year. Many of you see him more than I do! :mad: But we're excited that he came to Wichita this weekend for a few days to film his new One Pocket video (or videos?). (I think it took them about 20-30 hours. :eek:) I didn't...
  9. gabesmom

    Who does this li'l guy belong to?

    Just found this....maybe it's been posted...I usually stay in NPR, so wouldn't know. Are the parents of this little tyke AZB posters??? Look out Pros!! Young Pool Prodigy (not sure if...
  10. gabesmom

    Happy Birthday Gabe!

    We're sending Birthday wishes to you in Manilla. :wave3: Happy 31st! :) :eek: Mom & Freddie
  11. gabesmom

    pool player statistics

    Does anyone know if/where I could find information on any pool player statistics. For instance, a guestimate of how many people in U.S. and other countries play the game, both amateur and professionally - and any other data if possible? Perhaps it's been discussed on AZB before. Any help would...
  12. gabesmom

    a sore loser?

    This was in this morning's news..... I think they took the game a bit too seriously...but then it was at the 'Looney Bin'......:confused: A fight over a game of pool ended with gunfire early this morning at a northeast Wichita comedy club...
  13. gabesmom

    Mike Howerton is awesome

    I know it's been said before, but I just wanted to say that. I don't know everything involved with AZB, but it's obvious Mike has devoted much of his time the past few years to this site....and now has the added feature of the AZB Open Coverage, videos, AZBtv, and more for us to enjoy...
  14. gabesmom

    waiting for Open -a BCN match on youtube

    For any thorsten/gabe fans, or just want a good match to watch....BCN has this on YouTube from 2004 Open. (they have some other great ones to watch - but of course this is one of my favorites :) ) Can't wait for this year's Open.
  15. gabesmom

    Binions - Las Vegas info

    Will there be brackets on this anywhere? (Also, sorry to hear about Danny Medina while there, hope he is getting better!)
  16. gabesmom

    Pool in news - Gabe, grandma, IPT

    The local paper in Oklahoma did an interview with Gabe's 92 yr old grandmother and his aunt. :) BROKEN ARROW DAILY LEDGER Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Tuesday, February 21, 2006 A GRANDMOTHER’S PRIDE – Amy Woods points to a picture of her grandson, Gabe Owen, depicted as “Superman” on the front of...
  17. gabesmom

    Reno info

    Any info on this tournament? Or brackets anywhere? Thanks!!
  18. gabesmom

    Oroville info

    Anybody have any info on Oroville tournament? Or where it may be posted? Thanks!
  19. gabesmom

    Music City Open - Nashville

    Any discussion or results being posted on this tournament somewhere? Thanks!!
  20. gabesmom

    last 8 in DCC?

    Who are the final eight? Thanks!