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    Stretch system bridge

    When are you making more?
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    How do I determine a price for a Ginacue?

    That’s a tough one, seems like it needs some work and possibly refinished
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    Predator Roadline Sneaky SP60L

    I am selling my Sneaky pete, it is in great condition besides have a few small dings in the clear coat. Not sure what to ask for it, it comes with a 314-2 shaft. MSRP was $449 so first $300 shipped. Chris 907-952-2400 Feel Free to make close offers......
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    Predator BK-2 Sport Wrap Break cue FS

    I am selling my Predator Bk-2 break cue, it is in great condition, just upgraded to another one so this one is no longer needed. I upgraded the Weight system in the cue to make is 21.OZ and this thing breaks the balls well and solid. I am asking $300 Shipped for the cue. Feel Free to make...
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    Ariel Carmeli Ebony/Black ash burl Masterpiece FS

    I am selling my new Carmeli, he just finished the cue a week ago. This is one of the most unique examples of perfection that I have been able to witness. This cue is a pure work of art. The butt of the cue is Ivory, and heavily inlayed with 4 black ash burl windows with ebony recuts, 8 piece...
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    JB Butterfly case for sale

    I bought this case a few months back, and am listing it to get a 4x8. This one is a tad small for me. here is the link and i will take pics later. Chris $350 shipped USA
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    Older Tim Scruggs Hoppe for sale

    I am sellin my Hoppe Scruggs, not sure when it was made but my guess is the 1980's sometime. Not sure what to ask as far as the price, could be pricing it to low, but who knows. The overall condition of the cue is very good considering the age. it was ordered from Tim thinner than the normal...
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    My Ginacue for sale on Ebay

    My Gina, has only 2days left.... I will sell this to the AZ community for SOLD Shipped if payment is received either by cashiers check, or Paypal gift option, or you pay the 3% Paypal fees. Feel free to call me on this one. Chris 702-291-8885
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    Ginacue 17a

    I just listed my Ginacue on Ebay if your interested shoot me an offer. Chris 702-291-8885 NO TRADES ON THIS ONE PLEASE!
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    Barry Cameron Cue ( EBONY )

    For sale is a Monster player by Barry Cameron of CT, if you know of his cues you know he doesn't make many, in fact for last 2 years at the SBE show he has sold out of his cues in the first 2 days. This is a Monster player as well... First $750 Shipped PAYPAL fees included gets this sweet...
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    Thomas Wayne " Northwest Edition "

    I am thinning the herd, and have up for sale a Thomas Wayne " Northwest Edition" cue, it's beautiful and plays lights out! It looks alot like a Southwest cue with the rings, Steve Lomax just put a brown lizard wrap on it, so she is good to go. The cue comes with 2 shafts one is a predator...
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    Awesome Chris Nitti F/S

    Up for sale is a Chris Nitti out of Florida, if you don't know much about his cues, they play lights out, and this color combination is very pleasing to the eye, and pocket book as it has belonged to a great one pocket play and has seen a ton of money won with it. The cue is straight together...
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    TAD Cue for sale

    I have decided to sell the TAD cue, i won this cue in the TAD Cup in L.A last weekend, and just have too many cues. The cue is around 19oz 1 shaft, ( Unplayed ) 4 prong with veneers Hoppe Ring with ( TAD CUP 2012) joint protectors Everyone that has PM'd me thanks and basing the value off...
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    John Robinson for sale

    I am selling a 25 year old John Robinson cue, the cue is very nice and plays real well. The cue comes with 2 shafts, and has several Ivory inlays in the points, as well as the butt end of the cue. The Handle on the cue will have to be replaced based on being warped, i contacted Greg at...
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    @ tad feeler @

    I am just cuerious what this TAD is worth in todays market? the cue was a trophy for winning the TAD cup which is a annual tournament at Hard Times Bellflower. There was speculation as to the value, and i would just like to get the AZ'rs opinion.. I was told $3000 Thanks for the help, also i...
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    @@ Beautiful Ingram Cue on Craigslist @@

    Here is the Craigslist link..
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    Willard's tip machine

    Don't know much about the machine, just cleaning out the garage and found it and don't have much of a need for it so $275 Shipped USA Chris 702-291-8885
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    It's George BLACK 2x4 case

    I am selling my old Black George 2x4 case, it is in great condition, just don't need such a nice case to store cues. $200 Shipped USA Chris 702-291-8885
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    John Davis Wrapless Ariel Carmeli

    I am selling a Ariel Carmeli John Davis conversion cue, this is a sweet cue and hits like a monster. The cue is made from African Padauk wood, very unique and just beautiful. it has ivory diamonds at each point, a 3x8x10 Ivory Joint, Ivory Hoppe Ring and has 3 shafts, 2 of the shafts are...
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    Need Help Identifying 2 Unknown Cues

    I have 2 cues i am looking to sell, and am not sure who made them. I know the AZ community could give me a good idea on both.