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    3/3 leather case

    For sale , 3/3, with strap, pouches on it and shoulderpad 750 USD
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    Envelope Cue Case

    Sell a 3/3 Case with Croc Imitat Inlay. With Strap, Shoulderpad and pouche on it. Shipped 800 USD
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    Gtf, It´George, Mc Dermott, Fellini, Centennial

    Hi There, searching for old used or worse Tube Cases, to rebuild new....... Thanks
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    Envelope Custom Cue Case

    This is a new 2/3 Case by JH Cue Cases. Price round 600 or trade to Tube Case, Gtf,Its George, felini, McDermott
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    Its George, Adam, GTF

    Hi There, searching for old Tube Cases to rbuild new....
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    Croc Case for Sale

    Bulls leather Print, not really Croc, 2/3
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    1/2 for Sale Facebook-- JHCuecases
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    1/2 for Sale

    1/2 for Sale
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    Ernie Omori

    Hi There, i am searching for a Ernie Omori Cue, or blank. Merry Christmas at all
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    Envelope Custom Cases by JH

    Hello, my Name is Jürgen Hinkel and i like to present my new Hobby! I playing pool, and think about to build my own Case, oriented on the masters off Case workers, like Rusty Melton, Yang, Ritch Remo, Roger Assuncao! Or other leatherworker like Sergje Volkan and lots more. I begin that works...
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    Envelope Custom Case

    Envelope 2/3 in Ceesedesign, call me for Price at
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    Envelope Custom Case

    For Sale, 2/3, with cheesedesign call me here, or at