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  1. ElKabong

    WTS Predator SE-8 Vegas BCA this week

    At the Rio all week for BCA Have a nice Predator SE8 15/100 Shade under 19oz , has the old weight bolt style Original 314-2 shaft All straight and good condition $1000 cash price or trade towards customs or maybe newer predator with 12.4 revo
  2. ElKabong

    ~~>~>~>~>~~>FS Thoroughbred cue <~~<~<~<~<~~

    Did they sign or mark these ? I have seen the Ca$h cues, they had that on the butt cap, right ?
  3. ElKabong

    The ULTIMATE F#¢* You?

    At last he didn't disappear with ALL of the calcutta money like I saw once, that guy could shoot straight for sure though
  4. ElKabong

    The ULTIMATE F#¢* You?

    A few times in league play I've had a 8 ball straight down the long rail. Hit it with medium speed, it's obviously going in, so I turn around and say "good game" and shake my opponents hand about the same time the ball falls. Walk back to the table and one my teammates says "Damn bubba, that...
  5. ElKabong

    Remind me again why?

    Until Vegas will set odds (how did that work out last time!) or you can bet on tournaments on DraftKings, pool is destined to take a backseat to bowling, dart and cornhole Self supporting, with money only coming from entry fees and internal trade sponsors will only get us so far
  6. ElKabong

    Sold Barnhart 1/1 Custom Cue

    I bought a 5 pointer off you years ago that was one Cory's playing cues IIRC, should have kept that one!
  7. ElKabong

    New JB Case

    Message sent
  8. ElKabong

    Sold WTS/WTT Pechauer Camelot Series CAM-10

    Price dropped, back on the market
  9. ElKabong

    Which players have you tried to "emulate"?

    When in a rut I tend to go side-armed like Keith! aka Keither with the Either aka Earthquake! I should probably just stay with it instead of messing with fundamentals all the time, actually feels more natural.
  10. ElKabong

    Sold WTS/WTT Pechauer Camelot Series CAM-10

    Very Nice Pechauer Camelot Series CAM-10 MSRP was $1500 Crown Jewel Inlaid shaft 1 of 50 signed cue 58" Butt 14.5oz Shaft 13mm 4.5oz Couple of tiny dings from play, not through clear Rolls straight together and apart, very minor taper roll to the picky, nothing lifts Can feel the rings at the...
  11. ElKabong

    Players that DON'T like a slick shaft

    I used to practice/play leagues etc regularly with a very strong player(725ish Fargo). If he was having a tip put on or cue work done, he was adamant that the shaft not be cleaned. He would rarely wipe it down, might hit it with a slicker occasionally, but wanted all of the "oils" to stay on it...
  12. ElKabong

    Gambler forearm wood?

    Just picked this one up, full shaft and arrow straight I’ve had a few of these over the years, but none with a forearm this light in color Would it’s be rosewood or just a light specimen of ebony? Also, what era would you say this one is? I bought one brand new in 89, the features on this one...
  13. ElKabong

    McDaniels proprietary pin

    Do any cuemakers here know what the specs are on the pin Bill used on his J&J cues? I have a Mac Attack, and would like a second shaft made. Don't want to send the cue off to someone and take a chance something happening. His shafts were supposed to be interchangeable, so making one to known...
  14. ElKabong

    Old Meucci Original plain jane

    I know the youngsters on here won't believe it, but Meucci made some decent playing cues at one time. Picked this up in a pawn shop for a decent price. It has a little roll in the butt, not bad Shaft is still near 13mm Installed a Kamui medium and proceeded to run about 20 balls with it...
  15. ElKabong

    Easiest action ever

    So we usually play cheap $20-50 sets of 9 ball to 5, and $10-20 1P at the local hall Friendly stuff, between friends. We have a $10 Friday 8 ball tournament , usually 20-25 in it. A couple of weeks ago they added a Calcutta. It seems to have loosened pockets, and bring in new blood. I missed...
  16. ElKabong

    McDaniels shaft taper, who can make me one?

    I have a Mac attack with the goofy non standard pin Would like a shaft with McDaniels or close-to-it taper Preferably someone has some nice old shaft blanks Willing to pay what is required to get it done right PM me here or email
  17. ElKabong

    McDaniels shaft, proprietary pin

    Looking for a McDaniels shaft, prefer 13mm +/- Need the later style with the modified 5/16x14, a regular shaft won't fit these butts, but the proprietary shaft will fit on a standard butt I think these were made for a specific dealer Have a nice pre cat 314 to trade of anyone is interested, or...
  18. ElKabong

    This shot never comes up in 9 ball, or why I love 1P

    1P, spotting a ball, so I need 3 and villain needs 1 My shot, my pocket is A A little high English, just trying to clear the 4 ball if I make the 3...
  19. ElKabong

    McDaniels, proprietary pin?

    Recently picked up a McDaniels Mac Attack, 5/16x14 Ive noticed that the shaft on this cue will fit all of my other 5/16x14 cues, but shafts from my Predator and Joss cues will nit fit on the McDaniels butt. They tighten down to about 1/4" from seated and then hit a brick wall, not just a...
  20. ElKabong

    The elusive Mac Attack

    Finally found one! Hits just like I remember from 20 years ago or so. Cue was unused for years, had one little ding on the butt. I would have preferred 13mm, but it seems most were around 12.7 or 12.8 with the kind of taper he put on them. There's a reason these are hard to find. I didn't...