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    Our local billiards club contemplating using a "free" group-emails-facilitator for all communications to our 76 pool players

    You can also look at options within the Microsoft Office suite called Mail Merger. You can use it to link Excel lists of members to Outlook email for distro purposes.
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    Cue ID Please

    With a wrap channel that deep, I'd say its a cheap cue that had the tennis racket type grip on it.
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    Helmstetter TJ

    Did Helmstetter ever move? First I've heard of it.
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    What’s the Best Way ?

    Bank with low left to try to leave the cue long in case I miss. But I'm a banger.
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    Can you decipher this signature?

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    Vegan Pool

    When using english, they don't leave mushroom for error before a miscue.
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    Sharing passages from your billiard texts

    I kind of get what you're saying. The thing you may want to rethink is your last line in, "product placement". Not sure of your placement.
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    Conditions to participate in the upcoming U.S. Open

    Contra proferentem...latin legal term. I'll take the odds...
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    What would you do here?

    Draw gives you A, B, C, and D.
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    60's maple TAD

    My favorite style of merry widow! The thick fancy ring in the butt makes it.
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    Note To Self

    Drunk note taking
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    Pool Pitch: Pool the cleanest sport.

    Asinine is a favorite word of mine.
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    Does it get boring playing the same people over and over?

    I get tired of my dad whooping me everytime I visit 😆
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    Who promotes billiards better pro men or pro women?

    Who cares? Watch or don't.
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    Threads For Strickland Signature Cuetec?

    Pretty sure my Cuetec from the late 90s was 5/16x18. Poat a picture.
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    Why do players turn there cue to a certain spot?

    Or a matter of habit based on his perceived beliefs of physics.
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    22 out of 23

    Is running 22 out of 23 racks possible? Run a pack then miss one...opponent misses and player A runs out the rest. Heard a story once about it happening on a bar table.
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    Looking for a Jackpot cue

    Made a deal, no longer looking. Thanks! I got $600 to spend one. Hear they play great! Can someone get me one or a ebony merry widow with the same specs for less?
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    Snooker cues

    Been watching snooker for the past couple days. Can some tell these clueless people that they would shoot way better if they loss the brass ferrules and switched to a Revo? I'm joking of course.