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  1. J

    Pool Break Pro for Android Phones

    I just seen this link for Pool Break Pro for free on Amazon. It's only free for today, Sunday May 1st and for United States customers only. Great way to spend some time at work or waiting between matches. I don't have an Android phone so I can't download it to try, download at your own...
  2. J

    KJ Cues

    I just wanted to thank KJ for the time that he took out of his busy day building cues and shafts for me to stop in his shop. Even going to his other location and playing some pool. I purchased a used KJ cue from here a few months back, it is my first custom cue. I haven't played too much over...
  3. J

    Red Shoes Billiards

    Well I just wanted to say thanks to the people that mentioned Red Shoes Billiards as being a great place to play at. Today was the second time that I spent a few hours there and it won't be the last. I'm planing on making it out there a few times a week, it's about a half hour drive but for...
  4. J

    Help with pool cue decision

    Hello everyone, I have been away from the game for a few years but always enjoyed it when out with friends or at a friends house. I am looking to get back into it a little more and thinking about picking up a playing cue and a jump/break cue. The main thing is I just got over back problems...