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    Diamond System Help!

    I have been searching for a place on the net that would have nice pictures and explanations on the diamond system. I have not found anything except for a few pages but they dont seem to help too much. One time on this website called easy pool tutor there was one but now all they have is one...
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    Straight Pool

    Anyone know where i can find a (few) videos of straight pool on the net? I mean just like maybe a sample video of an accu-stats tape or something. I've gotten 9-ball videos on the net...8-ball ....7-ball..but never straight. I just want to give my brother an example. Please help.
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    8ball videos

    On here a while ago i seen a post where someone put a link up to 8ball matches on the net. I had to format my HDD and no longer have the videos saved...can anyone point me in the right direction?? They were like whole matches on a 7 foot table and looked like they were in a bar or something...
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    Anyone know if there are any poolhalls in or around Englewood Colorado?? I am moving there in two days and I am hoping to finally play in a REAL poolhall. Any help would be appreciated.
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    When I watch the pros on tv break a 9-ball rack, they break a few inches from the long rail by the second diamond with draw. I was wondering where they hit the 1 that makes the cue go directly to the side of where the 1 should be and they make they 1 go in the side or the corner? Any help for me?
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    Graphite - Fiberglass

    Has any of you ever seen that smooth stuff on a graphite or fiberglass cue? It slides right through your hand. After a few months that smoothness goes that cause it wares off or because it needs to be cleaned with something like cue silk for graphite cues??
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    Owning A Pool Table

    Once again I'm wondering if you people can help me out. Is it a good idea for a person who is into pool get a pool table? I have a friend over here that has been playing for about 15 years and he has never owned a pool table. He said it was cause he was scared that if he got a pool table that...
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    Anyone else?

    Was wondering if this happens to anyone else...I'll be doing good for a few days..and then all of a sudden one of the days I will do TERRIBLE. It's like my eyes cant see anything right. My stroke goes down the tube and I cant make anything. Does this happen to any of you? And if so...what...
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    Anyone know how much it would cost to have a 8 foot table re-felted? I've never seen it done. I heard that you need an apolster to do it. If that's true would any apolstry place know how to do it?
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    Poolhall Junkies

    Anyone know when Poolhall Junkies is coming to video or to rent? I don't live near any of the big city's that they were showing the movie at so I missed out. If anyone has any info on this it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Shockwave Tables

    Is there going to be a way for us to use those shockwave tables that we used with the old forums? Just wondering cause I thought those things were pretty nice.
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    Old Posts

    Where did all the old posts go?? Anyone give me a link to the old forum? Thanks