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  1. scdiveteam

    Adjustable leather cutting templates

    I been using Lee Template for 15 years. These new one are power coated. Real nice!
  2. scdiveteam

    What to put on the ferrule end of the shaft to prevent chalk from sticking into the wood?

    Super glue medium. 5 layers 20 second of blow drying between coats then sand up to 2000 grit the buff. I do all my shafts like that.
  3. scdiveteam

    Sorry, the sale is over

    I bought 160 bucks worth of tip from Tom and they were never delivered. The USPO track showed is was delivered on Sat but then they said it was comming the following Wed??? We'd came a went and I called Tom and he rushed a second order out the next day overnight. Tom is the best guy to do biz...
  4. scdiveteam

    Build a soft hitting cue

    30" laminated maple dowel will quiet it down a lot and the gorilla glue subdues the sound and feel also. Now you have a 58" maple cue. The forearm, handle and butt sleeve wood combos will have and effect but even with Ebony components it only changes the sound and feel about 10%.
  5. scdiveteam

    Is there anything that'll bring out wood character

    Honey Stain on Birdseye and Curly maple before adhesion coat and clear. Makes the curly and eyes pop but does not darken the maple too much.
  6. scdiveteam

    WTB Taig 4 Jaw Independent Chuck

    Got one!
  7. scdiveteam

    Your thought on radially laminated butts?

    IMO, a 1 3/8 laminated blank will have the most consistant hit and won't warp. I build my cues on a 3/4" laminated 30" dowel. The difference in the hit only varies and 5 to 10 percent depending on the combo woods I use. I took a 2 trace oscilloscope and put a 440 hertz concert A tuning...
  8. scdiveteam

    Refinishing a cue and now the linen wrap seems deeper, help

    Cut pieces of newspaper about 2" wide. Wrap it around at the step of the groove. Glue it it with tight bond. If you have to build it up in layers that's OK. Let cure over night. If it gets a little high you can can scrape it with a razor bade to your exact hight. Remember to let it...
  9. scdiveteam

    Joint ring paint?

    If the owner wants a cosmetic fix: Very thin 30 minute epoxy with black India ink. 7 to 10 coats of thin super glue broadcasted over 2 to 3" area then wet sand blend and buff. Done correctly and you will never know it was there. Make sure to use the heat of a blow dryer for 20 seconds...
  10. scdiveteam

    Arlas billiards

    Just call your order in.
  11. scdiveteam


    This cue was built in 2016 on Palatine with Genuine Ivory Inlays and Points before the laws changed. So this cue was legal for me to build and sell and Joe has the documents and reciept I also have logs in my shop showing the finish date and progress pic. I live in Nevada now and it is illegal...
  12. scdiveteam

    Glue question for gluing cores

    Absolutely. When I first started I beta tested with epoxy west system and had a cue buzz so I went to the gorilla glue and have been very happy as I have full cored over 150 cues since without a problem. If you wish to use epoxy look at Bob's (DZ Cues) method. He preps his dowels in a way to...
  13. scdiveteam

    Glue question for gluing cores

    Simple answer No. The cue may buzz. Tight bond will not expand slightly to fill an annulus gap inside. Tight bond is a great glue and very strong in a face to face clamped static joint.