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  1. cardiac kid

    Who are the 'Old Schoolers' of AZ

    Yep, still here! I'm an RSB guy as well. My member number says I've been on AZ way too long;) !
  2. cardiac kid

    Is Max Eberle as big as a goof as I now think?

    Have YOU ever spoken with Max about this? If you did, your question would be moot!
  3. cardiac kid

    Unknown Cue

    No. This guy used to work at a local pool room many years ago. Thought the cue looked good. On closed inspection, you can see the butt cap is separating from the cue. Not sure if he will be happy or sad when I tell him the input from my AZ friends.
  4. cardiac kid

    Unknown Cue

    Hi Folks, can any of me AZ friends identify the maker of this cue? A customer brings it into the pool room regularly. Says he purchased it roughly 20 years ago used. Asked if I could identify it for him and suggest a value. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  5. cardiac kid

    Table Value Question

    Hi Folks, Is Mark Gregory out there? A friend has a 1893 Babcock Billiard Factory three piece slate 9' table. Is there anyway to place a value on this table? It appears to be in excellent condition. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Lyn
  6. cardiac kid

    Where Are The Americans

    Hi Folks, Just want to say it is pretty sad there are no Americans in the last eight winners. Quite a few on the win challenged side. Still a chance for someone. On a side note, Go Max go!!!!!! Lyn
  7. cardiac kid

    Gold Crown Invitational

    Hi Folks, Anyone know who won the $5000 added Invitational in Erie, PA? Left after losing to Billy Thorpe in the single elimination stage. Thanks. Lyn
  8. cardiac kid

    BCAPL Nationals Question

    Hi Folks, Just a question to my fellow BCAPL players. Didn't qualify in either my local or Vegas league this year. Planned on playing as a player member as in past years. BCAPL does not allow that entry anymore. Was suggested to me by other players to enter the CSI 8, 9 and / or 10 ball...
  9. cardiac kid

    Minor Honor at Our Pool Room

    Hi Folks, Kind of hesitated to post this. Several of my fellow players egged me on and I caved. This was posted on the room tournament board a few months ago. Hope it puts a smile on your face as it did mine! Lyn
  10. cardiac kid

    Entries Open

    Hey Folks, Just entered the 2018 SBE Super Seniors and Wednesday Warm-up. ENTRIES ARE OPEN!!!!! Lyn
  11. cardiac kid

    Mike or Michael Li Cues

    Hi Folks, Can anyone tell me about Mike Li Cues? Have a local friend who is not a member of this forum asking for the information. Thanks for your assistance. Lyn
  12. cardiac kid

    New Diamond Tables

    Good Morning, The pool room I frequent is looking for ten (10) NEW Diamond Rosewood seven foot Pro/Am tables with matching lights. If you, as a Diamond distributor, have the tables available, please contact me either via PM, this thread or by my Yahoo link. Thanks for your assistance. Lyn
  13. cardiac kid

    Need Diamond Tables

    Good Morning, A pool room I frequent is looking for ten (10) Diamond Pro/Am Rosewood seven footers with matching lights. The owner wants new tables. If you are a Diamond distributor or have access to the tables please contact me for specifics. Thanks for your assistance. Lyn
  14. cardiac kid

    Vegas Trip

    Hi Folks, Just got home from Vegas. It was HOT!!!!. Watched some great pool over two nights at Griff's. Was kind of concerned about viewing areas. Not really a problem. $10 at the door. $10 coupon for food and / or drink or pool time. Awesome play from some great players. Congrats to...
  15. cardiac kid

    Pool Room Expansion

    Chris Braiman, owner of East Ridge Billiards in Rochester, NY, announced this morning on Facebook they will be expanding into the open unit next door. Along with the expansion was the purchase of four (4) additional Diamond Pro / Am nine foot tables and ten (10) Diamond Pro / Am seven foot...
  16. cardiac kid

    Creative Inventions

    Hi Group, Does anyone know if Creative Inventions is still in business? Need a replacement shoulder strap for my 20 plus year old vinyl 2 x 4 case. Searched the net. Nothing shows up. Lots of places still sell Joe Porper cases and accessories. Any suggestions other than buying a new JB...
  17. cardiac kid

    Sorry to post here but..... I've been trying to register at Keep getting an error message even though the answers are 100% correct. Any suggestions? Won't allow me to contact the administrator for the same reason. Lyn
  18. cardiac kid

    Mosconi Dates

    Hi Folks, Trying to make travel reservations for this years Mosconi Cup in Vegas. Does anyone know the dates and location? I've heard December 4th through December 7th at the Tropicana. Is this correct? Lyn
  19. cardiac kid

    JB Cases

    My case from two years ago at SBE. Lyn
  20. cardiac kid

    Looking for a Valley Bar Box

    Hi Folks, East Ridge Billiards in Rochester, NY is looking for a lightly used Valley Panther 3 1/2 x 7 table either with or without coin operation. If you have or know of one, please PM me or call Chris Braiman at East Ridge at 585 270 8215. Like new condition is best as is a location...