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  1. Blue Hog ridr

    Talisman Trinity tips.

    Hi Guys. I haven't been around for a bit now. Cabelas called me back this Summer in Fishing and put me in as a permanent part time employee. Which is good because I seriously enjoy teaching people Fishing. Anyway, some time ago, Tony Jones from Talisman got a hold of myself and others to do...
  2. Blue Hog ridr

    Meucci Ferrules.

    I use an older Meucci cue for League, and believe it or not, one of my favorite cues. One time, I noticed that the ferrule seemed to move a bit. I applied steam from my steam gun to it and absolutely couldn't twist it off. Funny enuff, usually when you heat glue, it crystallizes and is...
  3. Blue Hog ridr

    Gun stock.

    I just bought a Winchester, 7mm. The stock has a couple of rough spots and dents on it. I will try using a wet bandage on some, and my steam gun on others. Not like clear maple, where we can use a bit of Cyano or epoxy to fill in a dent, I will be staining the stock a darker color. Deep...
  4. Blue Hog ridr

    Question for Cue Guys re Helmstetter Cues.

    A Pool Buddy finds fairly decent cues at one Pawn Shop in town. On his last foray, he found a Helmstetter Snooker Cue. Sorry, I was working on all of his cues last night for the beginning of League and didn't take a picture so will describe it as best as possible. Plain, 4 points which are...
  5. Blue Hog ridr

    My new Poison Cue

    Strychnine 5. Was delivered 30 minutes ago. Ya know, the one that I won on the last drawing. I would say, The Coolness Factor Gauge is at the top of the dial. And with the new Predator 3 shaft. Came in a nice one x two Poison Nylon case. I have League tonight so it is going to get...
  6. Blue Hog ridr

    Calling all Joey's that make Cues.

    I put you on the spot in this Thread in the Main Joey. Bob was asking about what a Modified Pro Taper would be. I told him that either yourself or Rat Cue Ryan would be able to explain it better. I know it is one...
  7. Blue Hog ridr

    New cue for Sale. Custom of course.

    Would any of youse guys purchase this and actually screw it together in front of anyone? I think that it should be called the Laurentian. I hope that the person who made this isn't asking much more than 10 bucks for it. Very Innovative, I guess one could say.
  8. Blue Hog ridr

    Magic Eraser = Melemine Foam

    Hope this link works. Just reading an article that the Magic Eraser is just Melamine Foam. It is sold on EBay as a cleaning product. For those of us that tend to go thru a fair amount. I usually wait until I can get a Generic Brand on sale. I can't seem to find any of that any longer...
  9. Blue Hog ridr

    Free cue from Pat, or Idealogist

    I received the cue today, morning delivery. It is a Filipino cue. The shaft is in need of a tenon, ferrule and tip. A couple of small wear spots on the butt, but that is an easy spot finish fix with some poly. Otherwise in very decent shape. I don't get a lot of tenon or ferrule work in...
  10. Blue Hog ridr

    Speaking of Wraps.

    There is a case maker, Castillo, if that is how you spell his last name. In another thread, I made a joke about a Bacon Wrap. Now, Castillo has in his possession some nice leather wraps. For a joke, I would love to get my hands on a leather Bacon Wrap. What do you guys think, possible...
  11. Blue Hog ridr

    Navigator cue tips.

    Anyone have access to some. I couldn't find any on the Bay of E. Thanks for any heads up in advance. Appreciate it. I just like em cause they're purdy, and someone told me that they play pretty sporty as well.
  12. Blue Hog ridr

    Sale Forum

    Ya know, nothing that requires a lot of responses or anything. I know that I mentioned before that I have nothing against the new format. But, I have been spending a bit more time in the Sale Forum in the last few days than before. Getting itchy again I suppose. I haven't tried to make any...
  13. Blue Hog ridr

    Advice on Cue Tip Business

    I am in need of a little advice here. I am on Ali Baba. I buy a little fishing equipment here and there. Most times, I just like to see the array of different items available. I started looking at Pool Cue Tips and this is my dilemma. Should I go with Knock Off Kamui Tips. Pork Leather...
  14. Blue Hog ridr

    Star Billiards. PI

    Freddy posted about the Billiard Channel on Roku. I found the site but it doesn't appear that one can watch from your computer. At least I couldn't find out how. Anyway, it reminded me of a site that I have gone to late at night when I want to watch a little live pool. Star Billiards in...
  15. Blue Hog ridr

    The good Ole Days.

    I remember back when, you know, the days when we walked to school in knee deep snow uphill both ways. We were so poor, we couldn't afford cue tips. So, we used ???? Finish it off for us. I knows that youse guys is creative and Sat is laugh day.
  16. Blue Hog ridr

    Someones Birthday is today.

    Happy Birthday Kool Kat Matt. And many more to come. Take the day off and keep the battery charged in that little mist machine.
  17. Blue Hog ridr

    The Baron and the Kid.

    Reading the Marty Herman thread, I went to Utube and was looking for the Herman University episode where Marty was dancing. At the side of the page was a link to the full movie, The Baron and the Kid. I have never seen this movie before. See, some dark Clouds do have a Silver Lining...
  18. Blue Hog ridr

    Bracket Sheets

    Someone started a thread looking for specific Bracket Sheets. I couldn't find it. I had to wait until last Saturdays tourney to find out. Print Your Hope this helps if you didn't find what your were looking for. Maybe some other members can...
  19. Blue Hog ridr

    Hopefully, this might work.

    Just messing about one day and decided to make one. I saw an old picture of a jig that Willie Mosconi had endorsed. It was a square cut at a diagonal, nailed to a base and a wedge was used to wedge a shaft. I was going to try it but then thought that a wedge might work ok, it wouldn't account...
  20. Blue Hog ridr

    Some cue repair customers.

    I didn't start this thread to complain, only to relate what I think is a bit of a funny story about customers. There is a league player, lets say that he is quite loud when he gets drunk at league. I don't fade drunken loudness all that much anyway so there was a wedge right off the bat...