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    GC 4 serrated rail bolt washers

    Where can they be purchased?
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    Drop pockets or ball return?

    GC 4 with ball return saves a lot extra steps . Best ever.
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    Decorative decal cues

    What is the easiest way to determine if the butt of the cue is a decal or made with fine joinery. Price I’m sure is an indicator, but there must some other indicators. Such as very fine tipped points?
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    UNI-LOC joint - the real story

    With all you experts, available,please answer this question? If the cue joint is seated (disregard the type of joint) does the tightness of the twisting motion effect the hit, feel etc?
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    Dimond ball cleaner RPM

    WOW, too much info for me , I’ll go back to rotating my balls. Thanks everyone !
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    Dimond ball cleaner RPM

    Every thing I have read says you can’t use a 120 volt single phase variable speed drive on single phase AC motor . Small enough and inexpensive enough to be sensible.
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    Dimond ball cleaner RPM

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    Dimond ball cleaner RPM

    No 120v AC direct drive motor.
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    Dimond ball cleaner RPM

    Please send info I need to solve this problem.
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    Dimond ball cleaner RPM

    Here’s an additional photo, i couldn’t upload. I agree, problem is i can’t find low speed AC motors that I can mount sideways. I even tried a 30degree cone shaped bottom disk , it helped but not enough. Sorry I can’t send pics, thanks for your info.
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    Dimond ball cleaner RPM

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    Gray Cloth at the Mosconi Cup

    Pool on television is difficult to follow when you can’t distinguish which ball is which , when the ball manufacturers truly find out what colors manifest themselves best on television it will be a quatum leap for everyone. And our sport.
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    Designing and building ball roundness tester

    In my observation of an older (15yrs) set of centennial balls , the area within the black circle and # is proud of the rest of the surface. Seems that thru polishing on my machine that the # core is harder than the white area . You can feel the difference, has any one else noticed this condition?
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    💡The BEST pool advice I've ever received was...

    I think I read it on azb years ago , but it works all the time . HFS ” HIT THE F—N SPOT “
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    Custom lights

    The problem is that the box is has a 73” inside dimension. Thinking multiple led strips would be the best solution. Problem solved I just found 6’ led bypass tubes that will work. Now how many lumens are required when the light is 47” above the table?
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    Custom lights

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    Custom lights

    Many years ago i built a custom lite box 75x25x6” with 6 three ft 5K flouresent bulbs , I’d like to upgrade to some LED strips. Has anyone done this to their lite and can make suggestions. Much appreciated.
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    Folded corner cloth on corner pockets, GC 4

    Attached are pics of my corners, I have done stapled corners in the past but wanted to try something different. The corners play the same to me, but after 60 years of playing I’m still a hacker!
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    Folded corner cloth on corner pockets, GC 4

    I have been folding the cloth on my corner pockets, the same as you would do on the side pockets and it helps to reduce opening a bit , and prolonging corner wear . It also is much easier to do. Am I committing a sin ?
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    Wasted chalk?

    I tried to solve the problem of wasted chalk by making a jig to cut off the hole with a hacksaw blade. I then glued the remainder to a 7/8x7/8 block of wood . Placed it in a magnetic chalk holder. Problem solved . STILL THROW AWAY NOW