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  1. sjharr

    Where is Tony Watson

    recently spotted... Recently spotted in Charlotte.
  2. sjharr

    Smoky Mountain Shootout Stream 2015?

    Anyone streaming the Smoky Mountain Shootout this year?
  3. sjharr

    Are Elite Athletes Born or Made

    Good segment on CBS Sunday Morning. Steve H
  4. sjharr

    Ran Into THIS Guy at Pool League

    Just wandering into to my local room for Tuesday night league and see 'dis guy walking out the door, case in hand. Hate I didn't get a chance to see him hitting any balls. Anybody know how he hits em? Said he was in town shooting a movie. I didn't ask which one....didn't want to upset "Paulie"...
  5. sjharr

    Where to find replacement feet for InStroke case?

    Does anyone have a good website or idea where to find some replacement feet for an instroke 3x5? or maybe some type of replacement screw with caps? or some type of non-slip feet? Thanks in advance, Steve H.
  6. sjharr

    Transfer of force at impact....

    Just a couple random inquiries about transfer of force at impact. Which component of the cue do you all think absorbs/transfers the most force at impact with the cue ball on a normal medium stroke? Tip, ferrule, shaft, joint, butt? I would suspect that the use of different materials and their...
  7. sjharr

    Not a bad little local tourney

    Smokin Cue in Charlotte, NC has a weekly handicapped 9-ball tourney every Wednesday which includes a player auction and a 10-ball break n run raffle. They usually cap it at 64, but since league is on break they have a few extra tables to utilize. Last night they drew 91 entrants including such...
  8. sjharr

    For Sale or Trade - Mezz AXI 605

    SOLD For Sale or Trade Mezz Axi-605 Birdseye maple forearm with four stained birdseye points surrounded by ebony. The butt is ebony with stained birdseye maple windows. The wrap is black with white spec Irish linen. There are five sets of Aegis rings surrounded by silver set in black...
  9. sjharr

    Beautiful Loaded Josey For Sale!!

    !!SOLD!! I am listing this for a friend. This cue is absolutely gorgeous! Josey - loaded - ebony, ivory (confirmed by Keith) , and turquoise. 10 points 5 ivory, 5 turquoise in both forearm and butt Keith informed my friend when he purchased this cue that is a 1 of 1 and he does not...
  10. sjharr

    US Open not so...

    ...US! I'm feeling, as an American, just a bit disappointed - given the current state of American professional billiards - that one of our immensely talented players was unable to step up to the plate and salvage a bit of of positivity that if properly directed could very well have been exactly...
  11. sjharr

    LD Shaft for wavy joint Mezz

    Does anyone make a low deflection shaft for the Mezz wavy joint, besides Mezz themselves? I picked up a Mezz recently but the Mezz WD700 is not ld enough for me. Steve H.
  12. sjharr

    Respect....slight vent

    Just to preface the events that unfolded last night...There's a new guy in town, apparently a pretty good player from what I had been hearing. Now, bear in mind I am not the best player but I like to play. I chatted the new guy up last week and the gist of the conversation was him telling me -...
  13. sjharr

    Tight pockets or buckets?

    Which do you think is better practice and why? Stopped by the local hall to get some practice in today. I normally prefer to practice on the tight pocketed diamond they have, it's not a perfect table but it requires deadly accuracy to pocket a ball. If you happen to graze a rail on the way in...
  14. sjharr

    Tour and Mini-Tour Vent

    To all who operate tours or mini-tours, (start vent now) I implore you, I beg you, I plead with you, take the necessary time and effort to make an easily accessible and updated web site. The digital age demands an up-to-date web presence. It gets frustrating just trying to find a tour...
  15. sjharr

    J. Pechauer on E-Bay

    Not really my cup of tea, but maybe someone else's. Steve H
  16. sjharr

    Best Cueman in the South!

    Just like the title says. Who and why? Except the south to me would include only NC, SC, GA, TN and on the very odd occasion, even AL Curious as to what other's thoughts are.... Steve H
  17. sjharr


    ...well, me. Hello everybody, my name is Steve and I too am a pooloholic. Have lurked around a bit in the past, played entirely too much in the past - not nearly enough in the present - and looking forward to sharing and contributing to the world of pool through these forums. Looks like I've...