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  1. Runner

    More Magic From Efren

    I ran across this.. curves, masse, jumps.. enjoy!
  2. Runner

    Photobucket pics

    Anybody posting pictures using Photobucket.. they're blurred out after a certain amount of time because they want more $$ for storage/bandwidth .. just sayin'.
  3. Runner

    Clone Cues

    Check this out... pretty sure Tad Cues wouldn't like this much...
  4. Runner

    Avoiding The Rake

    Cue extensions, both in the middle and added to the end of the cue, telescopic extensions.. stretching out too far on a shot.. seems like players will do anything to avoid using the bridge stick... I have the 'bat wing' bridge head in my case, never hesitate to use it.. works a little better...
  5. Runner

    Scruggs 'billboard'....

    Uhh, sure.. if you say so. description says Rage..:eek: 10K OBO....
  6. Runner

    Car pool tables

    Now I've seen everything... check it out !
  7. Runner

    Jointed Cue lawsuit guy indicted for Tax Fraud

    Scott Johnson, the serial lawsuit guy that put the Jointed Cue out of business, is being sued by the IRS for Tax Fraud. This is the POS who filed over 3000 lawsuits for disabled access 'violations'... these are known as 'nuisance' lawsuits, basically to get 'go away' money...
  8. Runner

    eBay gaff

    Saw this on eBay.. does it come with a Gus?:D
  9. Runner

    Short Ferrules

    I've been noticing a lot of newer style cues have short ferrules, 1/4" or 3/8"... I came up playing 1" and 1 1/8"... is this a low deflection thing or just a trend? Just curious.
  10. Runner

    WTF 18K mystery cue?

    Saw this on Fleabay... suckers wanted!
  11. Runner

    Snap-On Ball Set

    Saw these this morning ... judges?
  12. Runner

    Lost scene from The Hustler

    Ran across this.. apparently they filmed a scene where Fast Eddie gets his thumbs set at the doctor's.. Sarah took him.
  13. Runner

    Shout out for Mike Kennedy

    This is a shout out to AZB for Mike Kennedy, ( acedonkeyace ).. He's been battling some serious health problems and is now selling off a lot of pool gear. If anybody needs equipment, he's posted in the For Sale section, and Billiard Bill's has some of Mike's gear...
  14. Runner

    Can't log in on phone

    Weird, I can log in on laptop, on my iPad but now I can't log in on my phone.. it says 'thank you for logging in', then goes back to the blank log in form. And yes, I logged out on the other devices.. no change. ??????
  15. Runner

    Images in Private Messages

    Far from technically 'challenged', but I don't see any icon or provision to include photo attachments in a PM.. am I missing something? There's no 'additional options' tab at the bottom of the PM panel.
  16. Runner

    Wanted- Meucci Pre-dot shaft w/ white collar

    Hey all, looking for a spare Meucci pre-dot old school shaft with the white collar and thin black line, full 13mm, with the long ferrule. Like this... but pre-dot Meucci Originals era.
  17. Runner

    For Sale section editing?

    I sure wish there was a way to delete a For Sale item thread once it's SOLD. A lot of time wasted clicking on an item that's already sold... removing these would reduce the clutter. Thread Mods, how about the original poster being able to delete once it's sold?
  18. Runner

    Opponents with headphones

    Younger guy walks up and asks if I'd like to play some 9 ball... we make a bet and get ready to play. Guy puts on the backwards baseball cap and some giant headphones... every time a question came up, he's all "what?" and acts pissy having to take off the headphones. I guess it's a trend...
  19. Runner

    Hard Times Bellflower

    Hard Times Bellflower CLOSING Well, here goes... the rumors at HT have been spreading, most of the regulars are saying the same thing... mind you, these are poolroom rumors, have not heard anything official from the owners. House people won't confirm or deny.... Hard Times Bellflower will be...
  20. Runner

    Jose 'Amang' Parica

    Due to some posts in other threads, I thought I'd open an appreciation thread about 'Father', Jose 'Amang' Parica. I've been going back and watching Jose's matches with, Buddy, Efren, Archer.. as well as remembering him in gambling action. Talk about heart...Parica wasn't afraid of anybody. I...