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  1. crappoolguy

    Ronnie scores another 147

    Ronnie makes another 147, edging one ahead once again of the legend Stephen Hendry. Enjoy
  2. crappoolguy

    Watch world snooker final scroll down, you should find it. This is turning into such a great match. Trump v Higgins currently 14-14 first to 18. Trump is one of the best potters and most entertaining players I've ever seen.
  3. crappoolguy

    One of the most entertaining frames ever? Tony Drago

    The finish is just rediculous :grin::grin: From the world snooker shoot-out last weekend. Another great match from this tournament with, if anything, a slightly better finish, this one featuring the world champion...
  4. crappoolguy

    Elbow drop - video

    Since I started playing I had a lot of people telling me that you shouldn't drop the elbow on any shots, even power shots. Lately I was trying to stop it dropping so much that it was causing tension in my body and I was moving all over the place. Anyway, I decided to just let the elbow go...
  5. crappoolguy

    Montage I made

    Here's a montage of some good shots I put together - hope you enjoy! :grin:
  6. crappoolguy

    video of me practicing

    Had a couple of requests from people to see my cue action (grip, etc) so here's a quick vid of me practicing line up, the most common form of snooker practice. The first time I ever picked up a cue was roughly 3 years ago and my highest break in a match is 113. The last few months I've been...
  7. crappoolguy

    Best stroke ever

    This guy, Shaun Murphy, has the best stroke i've ever seen. Flawless... just flawless.
  8. crappoolguy

    Unbelievable speed - video

    This is simply rediculous, I think he was only 14 at the time as well. The point where he makes the century is actually quicker than the fastest ever ton made in professional play (by Tony Drago) AND he is getting the balls out himself...
  9. crappoolguy

    Groundbreaking new cue technology

    I've never played with either of these cues but I would like to hear your opinions on them. :smile:
  10. crappoolguy

    Amazing young talent - video

    Luca Brecel, from Belgium, won the European U19's snooker championships at just 14 earlier this year. Here is a video of him making a 126 break, and as if that is not impressive enough, he is shooting the entire break LEFT HANDED. To prove that he...
  11. crappoolguy

    How would you play this? I was faced with this situation today. This was an important match with a lot of pressure (hill-hill). Thankfully I managed to run out and win the match. This is probably the best 8 ball clearance I have ever...
  12. crappoolguy

    Lol, what are the chances?
  13. crappoolguy

    Which of these cues would you choose?

    I know it's a snooker cue but that doesn't really matter. Which of the cc-06, cc-06a, or cc-06b do you like the look of the best. Just scroll down to see. I really can't decide between the three of them! Thanks. Here is the link:
  14. crappoolguy

    Video of player with no arms amazing
  15. crappoolguy

    Need some advice please

    I'm looking to buy a pool table (outdoor pool table actually, as I have no room inside) and it seems I have three options. By the way, before I get started I'll just say that I like snooker very much as well as pool, maybe snooker a little more. Option number one: 9 foot pool table...
  16. crappoolguy

    K-Rest This thing looks very interesting. I can't help being reminded of the Peache-Bustamante match in the world championships and wondering if it could have gone differently if he had used this.
  17. crappoolguy

    Wow! Nice looking pool table! Unfortunately only available in 8 foot, and is VERY expensive. Brings drool to the mouth though! :eek:
  18. crappoolguy

    It's a sad day for pool when...

    The winner of the darts world championship gets $50000 more money that the winner of the 9 ball world championship.
  19. crappoolguy

    Steven Hendry

    Great video of Steven Hendry playing as a youngster.
  20. crappoolguy

    Jump Cue

    Advice on what jump cue to get? I want one with a phenolic tip but other than that I have no preferences. I think I also prefer jump cues long than most people, but I'm not sure because I've never used a proper jump cue before. I've jumped before but not with a specially made jump cue. Tell me...