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  1. Buckeyejim

    Vintage Brunswick Centennial Ball Set

    eBay item number: 255219077961 Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.
  2. Buckeyejim

    OB-1 shaft

    eBay item number: 255205583423
  3. Buckeyejim

    STL_9 Schon & Dan Trogdon Custom Cue

    eBay item number: eBay item number: 255183064790 Schon has been SOLD 255181445059 DT SOLD
  4. Buckeyejim

    Pechauer '92
  5. Buckeyejim

    Schon SP30

    Anyone seen one of these lately and what value one would be in mint to VG condition be worth in todays market? Thanks :smile:
  6. Buckeyejim

    Changing pins

    Thinking about changing an old style Schon pin to the normal one.Can it be done without compromising the quality of the cue? Anyone know what it would cost? Thanks,Jim
  7. Buckeyejim

    Interesting old Bob Frey Sneaky with a Horseshoe

    This is truly the best shooting cue I have owned. I no longer play and I don't want to see it go to waste. It has the 5/16 x 14 pin wood to wood joint. Total wt is 18.6 oz(Butt weighs 15.0 oz). Tip is 13mm. I had Bob refinish it 2 or 3 yrs ago- can't remember exactly. I'm fairly certain it's one...
  8. Buckeyejim

    Schon Ltd FS on Ebay....What model??

    Schon Ltd 1230e FS on Ebay....Relisted*%#&@!!!!!!!!!! SOLD Thanks for your help & consideration!
  9. Buckeyejim

    Predator Z-2 shaft FS on Ebay Joint is Uniloc-diameter is 11.72mm
  10. Buckeyejim

    Predator 5K-1 with 314-2 shaft FS on Ebay
  11. Buckeyejim

    Vintage Viking FS on Ebay!
  12. Buckeyejim

    Schon LTD 6pt Leather,Ivory,Abalone,Cocobolo FS
  13. Buckeyejim

    Schon LTD 6pt Leather,Ivory,Abalone,Cocobolo FS

    Here is as fine a Schon LTD as you will find for 50% off !!! Rolls perfect. Butt weighs 14.7 oz. Shaft is 13 mm/ 4.3 oz. Upgraded Kamuii M tip also. Near perfect condition:smile: $675 shipped CONUS ONLY. No trades now,thanks.
  14. Buckeyejim

    Vintage Viking FS on Ebay!
  15. Buckeyejim

    Schon LTD 6pt Leather,Ivory,Abalone,Cocobolo FS on Ebay

    Will consider serious offers......
  16. Buckeyejim

    Schon SP for sale on Ebay
  17. Buckeyejim

    Last "diamond" cue fs on ebay
  18. Buckeyejim

    Last chance-Jacoby...still Cheap!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Buckeyejim

    New Wrapless 4 Pt Jacoby 4 Sharp Pts, 2 Shafts,1/1, 5/16x14 pin,Beautiful Cue

    This is really a sharp cue-jump in,you won't be hurt in any way!!:thumbup:
  20. Buckeyejim

    Sharp 4 Point Wrapless Jacoby FS on Ebay Throw me some bones.........