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  1. Louis Ulrich

    For anyone who thinks pool's not stressful

    Fabio Petroni was just playing his match against Gabe Owen. Fabio was losing, apparently playing bad and just couldn't take it anymore. He missed a ball and then started banging his head on the table. Blood started pouring out of his head so bad that he couldn't finish the match. They took...
  2. Louis Ulrich

    Routine Shots

    Over the past few weeks I have had many players asking what it is that I have been doing on the practice table to produce so many high finishes in tournaments. Although my basic answer is practice, I haven't been able to actually show anyone my full practice routine simply because it would...
  3. Louis Ulrich

    Thank you all!

    I just got back from the open and this was the first chance that I had to look at the forums. I want to thank all of you for all of the nice posts and for pulling for me in this event. I was hoping for a good showing this year but after seeing my draw I figured my odds were slim at best...
  4. Louis Ulrich

    Stan Shuffet's Pool Course

    Recently, I have spent a lot of time working on my game practicing by myself. Although I have shown improvement, I felt that an outside point of view would help to identify areas of my game that needed work - particularly areas that I would not be able to recognize on my own. It was...
  5. Louis Ulrich

    Kick Safeties

    I spend a lot of time practicing getting out of trouble situations that I might find myself in. One thing that I have found is when you are hooked, you should try to make the best of the situation. Many players, however, when put in a bad spot, will pull out the high velocity "kick and hope"...
  6. Louis Ulrich


    First of all, I'd like to thank Mike for having a place for me here in the forums. I am pleased to be here and I truly appreciate it! For any of the forum members who have any questions regarding shots or strategies, please feel free to post them here, and by all means display your shots and...
  7. Louis Ulrich

    Notes from World 10 Ball

    The world 10 ball in fla was the first major event that I have played in a couple of years. Although the payout for the event was a little on the meager side (as pool usually is), all in all it was a well run event and a good tournament. I had a couple of decent sets but made my usual early...
  8. Louis Ulrich

    Good showing in Fla

    Hey Danny, I haven't seen you playing in much lately and I must say that it is good to see you back in action. Knowing you, I'm sure you were disappointed with your finish, but considering the field I'd say that you did great. Congratulations and I hope to see you playing in more events!
  9. Louis Ulrich

    Crown City Corey earns a spot!

    Congratulations to Corey Harper for winning a spot into the upcoming IPT event. Looks like even the "working" pool players can still get there from time to time! You give me hope my friend! Good luck in Vegas!:)
  10. Louis Ulrich

    Bank the 8 proposition

    This cracks me up.