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  1. madfox

    New Mezz wx900 united 30inch

    I have a new Mezz shaft wx900 united 30 inch untouched, new. I ordered for a guy and he backed out. sold
  2. madfox

    Chuck Starkey,Mezz PBII, Lomax Jump Cue

    Chuck Starkey,Mezz PBII, Lomax Jump Cue - Sold I have to sell my cues, all of them where mine from new, usual usage from normal play. Except Lomax that has a chip in the finish and 2 scratches. Chuck Starkey - sold Mezz Break PB II with On Cyborg Cell 2.0 tip breaks and jumps amazing - sold...
  3. madfox

    Schon CX-01

    I have a Schon CX-01 butt over 90% condition that can go with an original Schon shaft SOLD Shipping and paypal fees included
  4. madfox

    Mezz Play, Break and Jump cues

    Mezz Sneaky pete cocobolo with wx900 shaft, 19 oz. SOLD Mezz Power break pro h shaft - very heavy hitter around 20.2 oz - sold Mezz Airdrive jump cue - the best of Mezz jumps - 200 $ one bump in the shaft I filled with epoxy finish butt has normal wear finish might be brushed in some places...
  5. madfox

    All Mezz

    I have completed my Mezz set now. I hope I keep it like this cause in the last year I have changed the set pretty often. I got a neat case also, 4x8 can be made 2x4 ( detachable 2x4 part) with 2 strings that can be transported as a back-pack. From left to right : Cocobolo Mezz extension Mezz...
  6. madfox

    WTB Mezz Soft 4x8 case

    I am interested in this case. If anybody has one for sale, please let me know. Other than cash I have a Hybrid Jump from Mezz or a John Barton case
  7. madfox

    Hybrid Jump Cue by Mezz

    I am changing my set so I want try something else. The best jump cue I have tried so far. Special edition available only for Europe and Asia, the shaft length is equal with the butt length. Jumps very, very solid. Shaft - 21 inch, 3.5 oz ! Butt - 21 inch, 6.2 oz 220 $ shipped You have below...
  8. madfox

    CEM cues - great cuemaker from Germany

    Very well known in Europe and especially in Germany. I was very surprised that my friend is selling these ones but he has too many and needs to make room. CEM is a genius. His cues must be in my top 5 best hitting cues ever. My friend paid a lot more in euro that we are selling right now...
  9. madfox

    Amazing Jim Baxter Cues for SALE

    Full splice dark rosewood + curly maple. Ring work is just insane and the cues hit so, so good. Jump cue, beautiful joint protectors ... Mr. Baxter work is just so, so good and the woods he uses are having a great tone and vibes. Everything is new. Prices : Dark rosewood butt + 314 2 - 1100...
  10. madfox

    Hybrid Pro II by Mezz

    This shaft is so solid, LD but I am too addicted to Z. It has a G2 tip and it is for Mezz wavy joint. SOLD/TRADED shipped anywhere Trede for Z2 shaft ( 5/16 14 pilloted ) or Lomax jump cue
  11. madfox

    Oops I did it again !

    I am not a great 8 ball player but I managed to run the table. And 8 ball had no pocket, less than a quarter from the 9 ball was in the way. I hope this brings a smile on your faces. Play pool with passion and fun, be crazy ...
  12. madfox

    My 9 ball run

    I am not at a pro level, but I got to play in a TV event here in Romania. Here is my 9 ball run with a nice refreshing 6 on the way :wink:
  13. madfox

    WTS MEzz shaft WD700 - Wavy Joint

    I sold the Exceed cue with 2 shafts so I still have this one. Very little play, has a Moori tip Price is SOOOOLD
  14. madfox

    WTS 314 2 and Diveney Lake wood shafts for radial pin

    Diveney Lake Wood super dense dark shaft - 13 mm / 3.4 oz / 29" - SOLD
  15. madfox

    WTS/WTT Mezz Power Break Pro with H shaft

    For sale the most powerfull break cue in the world. I am selling cause I want to upgrade my playing cue and I don't have the money ... The cue is wrapless, around 20.5 oz, but doesn't feel heavy due to the balance, butt looks almost new...
  16. madfox

    FS Mezz Exceed EXD 701MP2w - 3 shafts

    Hello, for sale is this beautifull and rare Exceed. A superb, very powerfull player, comes with 3 shafts : Hybrid Pro 2 - straight WD700 - available to sell separately - straight Regular hard maple Mezz shaft - available to sell separately - small roll It looks very well, just few small...
  17. madfox

    FS/FT Dominiak Leopard with Z2

    Dominiak Leopard maple and bloodwood very, very nice. I feel the need for a change. The butt is almost new, no nicks or dings. Has a Z2 shaft Description I am looking for Sold $ Trades - Diveney with ebony nose, jacoby ebony forearm or...
  18. madfox

    WTB UBC Trainer and Pechauer case 3x6

    Ultimate billiard trainer does anyone has it and willing to sell ? I also need the case
  19. madfox

    For sale like new Mezz SP Cocobolo - WD700

    I have a new Mezz SP Cocobolo, 19.5 oz, WD 700 shaft, Onyx tip. I have played only few times with this one, very nice cocobolo on maple. Firm, true hit like all mezz do. Aegis rings, Mezz United Joint. Price dropped 520 $ shipped anywhere
  20. madfox

    Pechauer P 22 mint condition - 2 Predator FAT shafts

    FS/FT Pechauer P 22 mint condition - 2 Predator FAT shafts Gorgeous cue, ebony and maple wrapless, 18.8 – 19 oz Solid feel and very, very good balance 2 Predator FAT shafts, one of 30” and one of 29 “, not very used Price is 1080 $, shipped anywhere Price down 950 $ shipped anywhere I am...