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    The Mind Game, Part 1

    The Thread is called 'No Time for Negative' From the Chair. Thank you for bumping this thread.
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    SVB vs Dennis ending

    I don't know if these things have been discussed elsewhere but thought this deserved its own thread. The outcome would have been different if Shane had made the 9 ball when up 114-109 I am sure. Even so, there were several things that happened after that which would have led to a different...
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    Crazy Gambling Story

    Not the highest amount won but definitely the most interesting/entertaining. I hinted at this in the JRB thread but thought it deserved it's own thread. Background. JRB is playing Joey Gray $100 a game one pocket. JRB gets all the breaks and the first person to make a ball wins. This was at...
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    USPS Warning

    I had a cue shipped out 6/18 two day priority. Shipper was told it would be two days late. It was insured for several thousand dollars. Tracking was very sporadic and stopped altogether on 6/27. I receive notifications via text message. Shipper tells me the package is out for delivery on...
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    Multiple cues

    Pics available by text. PM me if interested. Prices are shipped and insured. 1. Steel Stix cue. $40. 90s bright colors with fiberglass shaft. Weird pin Butt 16.7oz 29" Shaft 4.2oz 29" 12.88mm 2. Starkey wrapless cue. $200 4 diamond inlays in points. Wood pin. Chip in butt cap...
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    I would prefer to post this here. My game is plagued by consistency issues. Sometimes I run rack after rack and sometimes I rattle the second shot. I have always played by instinct/feel so sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. After a couple hlll hill losses in which I gave away 4-5...
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    Mosconi Cup Format

    Some other posts have got me thinking. People say Filler beats Shane because it is a race to 5 alternate break. Make it winner break and Filler can't win. Do you think USA would do better if Mosconi was winner breaks instead of alternate? Singles matches today have been very lopsided so far.
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    Mental game

    Would it be possible to get a subsection focused on the mental game? It seems once you reach a certain point the game is mostly mental. An area to discuss focus, visualization, dealing with pressure, books, hypnosis, etc. I am sure the list is long but I think a number of members would...
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    Some thoughts

    This place has really gone downhill. Open most of these threads and it just turns into a couple members arguing about the same thing over and over. Does not matter what the thread was originally about. I had not been here for months. Just got tired of the arguing. Come back to see if...
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    Ko Ping Han

    Ko Ping Han, he youngest Ko brother is competing in the World 9 ball this week. He has zero data in Fargo. Will be interesting to see how he performs.
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    3 Cushion

    What is the best way to learn to play the game? Any book, video or system recommendations? I can usually execute if I see the shot, but the biggest problem is seeing the shots. I have learned quite a bit from some youtube matches but need to learn the whys behind shots.
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    Cue ID thread

    I have a wrapless Titlist conversion with lots of ivory inlays and flower like designs at the base of the points. Rings at various positions and 3 shafts. It is an older cue as the person I got it from had it in closet for 20 years. I do not have any easy way of posting pictures, so if...
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    Perfect Aim

    Does anyone use Perfect Aim? I have a question I need help with.
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    Kenny Murrell Custom Cue

    8 point Murrell cue. 4 high/4 low points into pommel granadillo forearm. Black and yellow veneers. All points and veneers match up. Super sharp at the ends. Ebony butt with ivory and silver star inlays. Ivory Hoppe ring. Piloted ivory joint. Elephant ear wrap. Custom Joint Protectors...
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    Striking Line Aiming

    Have any of the instructors here used this in lessons? I would like a review if possible.
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    Margin of error

    I have been thinking about a comment in Mark Wilson's book. I am paraphrasing but he says that a big difference between pros and everyone else is the ability to strike a point on the cue ball extremely accurately repeatedly. Say that you are aiming to make a ball using center cue ball. I...
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    BCA Rant

    BCA at the national level is now saying players have to sanction in every league they play in if the league number differs. Supposedly this makes it easier for them to track the players. We have three separate league operators in my area. So now I have to pay for 3 BCA memberships to play in...
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    Why don't they have calcuttas for the bigger events such as the US Open? It seems like that would be a great way to get more money into pool considering there was 90k at White Diamonds and first place was worth 30k.
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    Vision Center

    Is the vision center supposed to be the same for all shots? If I have a long straight in shot then my vision center is under my right eye. If I hold both hands up and make a circle focusing on a far away object then my right eye is dominant. When i hold up my right hand only and make a circle...