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    how now brown cow
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    Shedua , is it much heavier than maple ?

    Wondering if a solid shedua butt would be hard to get a forward balance with .
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    test photo

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    Uni-Lok joints

    Does it involve a lot more labor time to install a Uni-Lok joint over any other piloted joint and does the hardware cost more ?
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    Anybody think Corey Deuel

    Shares a little resemblance to this guy .
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    AZB's Top Money Earners 2015

    Looking at the top is Darren Appleton who made almost all of his money at the Chinese 8 ball event which is also the main reason for the top Chinese players .The year is half over, and i see that The DCC is responsible for a most Warren Kiamco's and Alex Pagulayans's earnings. This past weekend...
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    Bonus Ball Arena

    Is this a stand alone facility or inside an existing business ? If not used for Bonus Ball could it be used for small tournaments ? With all the talk about ROI for the investors could this be a possibility ?
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    Robb Saez vs. Brandon Shuff now.
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    Looks like they are streaming at the Carom Room
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    Brandon Shuff-David Henson up next at Fast Eddies
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    Carom Room streaming 9 ball
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    Stainless butt caps

    Are these available from domestic suppliers , or available from any source to American cue repair people ? Have any of you used one ? I like the look on some cues.
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    Dufferin red maple leaf sneakies

    Anyone know if they are producing these in Asia yet ? I haven't seen any being retailed online . Somebody has one on EBAY listed as new , think they have more than 1. In his example photos i can count the growth rings in the shaft and there about 18 at least. Very good for the price of this cue...
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    Defining what a set is .

    Been away from pool action for a good while and never heard the term set in relation to action . A set in poker is 3 , a silverware set can be what you want it to be , 4 or 8 etc . To me set indicates 3 . Are people playing races to whatever , best 2 out of 3 ? Are they betting on each race or...
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    Portugal Tournament stream

    Moving this for the guy from tournament forum .
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    Chip Compton , Brandon Shuff , SVB , Thorsten Hohman

    Here , now
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    Chip Compton , Brandon Shuff , SVB , Thorsten Hohman

    Here , now
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    A little perspective , in light of all the ABP/US Open stuff.

    [I]Steve Mizerak, at 41 one of the best of the younger generation of pool players, sort of inverted the Irving Crane scenario. He won a slew of major tournaments in the '60s and '70s and cashed in on the lucrative Miller Lite television commercials that provided him a sizable income. "And now...
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    Can a tournament that is handicapped be an Open tournament ?

    My understanding is an Open tournament is open to all and not handicapped , someone listed a tournament as Open but it is handicapped . What do you say ?
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    Found this , first i heard of it Bookmark and Share Issue Date: Vol. 51, No. 4, April 2011...