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  1. Fat Ivory

    FS: Kikel Ebony/Pink Ivory/Ivory

    Back to the top. This cue is re-listed; cueinspector tied up this transaction with lies for 2 weeks then flaked out. Dave Kikel Ebony/Pink Ivory/Ivory black leather wrap cue. The joint and ferrules are synthetic, all remaining white is ivory. Condition is ~94% or better: no nicks or dents or...
  2. Fat Ivory

    FS: Skip Weston Szamboti Tribute Cue

    ###SOLD### Sold to Adam. Hi. In an effort to finance a Cog, up for sale: Skip Weston classic design, short-splice 4 ebony points w/4 veneers into BE maple, ivory Bushka ring @ C, ivory stitch rings @ A,B, & E, 4 ivory rectangles @ buttsleeve into ebony, and solid ivory joint. 5/16-14 pin...
  3. Fat Ivory

    Smelly E-bay Coker

    Edit, delete
  4. Fat Ivory

    Cored forearms vs. solid

    I appreciate that some woods, such as Ebony may need to be cored to reach a target weight, and some such as Tulipwood are cored to prevent warpage. But damn, many builders core them all, except maple, citing consistency of hit as the payoff. But to me that's not a payoff, it's a liability. I...
  5. Fat Ivory

    Ebony-Ivory one of a kind

    This one remains of my collection which was mostly sold off. Macassar ebony with natural ivory points, triple and double-milled. "Veneers" are Osage Orange and Pink Ivorywood, as are the buttsleeve shapes. I wanted only natural wood colors, and of course, ivory for this mildly Southwestern...