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    Longer Leather case

    Gentlemen, I utilize 32" shafts I store with joint protectors that make them just over 33" long when stored. This creates a problem with almost all standard cases and has led me to only to be able to procure custom made cases made longer for my equipment. I have just ordered several new shafts...
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    Justis 2x4 SOLD!

    Justis 2x4 case for sale. Case is in excellent shape 8 of 10 condition. Case is also harder to find Tube Style Interior. SOLD! SOLD!SOLD!PayPal gift includes insurance, tracking and USPS Priority shipping and signature confirmation. Case for sale is 2x4 in pictures shown on right in top & bottom...
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    Murnak 3x6 SOLD!!!!

    Jim Murnak Handmade Hand Stitched, Signed 3x6. Chocolate Brown super soft leather with Oil Tan Leather pockets, lid, top & side Handle & Trim. Back Pack Straps with pads. Jump handle storage in long pocket separate side section. Condition as shown in pics. This case has done closet storage...
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    Masters Pre-Flag Blue

    I am offering cubes of Pre-Flag Masers Blue chalk for sale at $1.00 a cube sold in lots of 10. $10 + $4 Shipping PayPal gift or fees on buyer.
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    Searing Shaft For Sale

    No longer available
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    Black Boar Shaft for sale

    I have a black boar shaft for sale. 1. 29" 2. 12.95 mm 3. 4.09 oz 4. Ivory ferrule 5. Black collar & silver ring, Triangle tip 6. 5/16x14 And it's Gone........, thanks everyone. [emoji2]
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    Ron Thomas 2x4

    Case no longer for sale Mods feel free to remove this thread
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    Maker Of These Pins

    Maker of this Pin?
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    *** Mosconi Cup 2015 Updates Thread ***

    Here you go