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  1. zymmer4

    The Hub Cafe and Pool Hall

    Gretings all, I am trying to find the history and old photos of the pool hall I played in the 1950's and 60's in Charleston,WV. It was called The Hub. It had a cafe on the street end and 6 Brunswick Gold Crowns in the back. The back door exited onto the parking lot. I believe that it was on...
  2. zymmer4

    Deadwood Shootout

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is going to be live streaming of the Deadwood Shootout in SD ?? There has been in years' past. Thanks, zym
  3. zymmer4


    Hi, I joined last year but have been out and about for a while..I am in Wv..almost heaven, hardly America..I can't play much here since I moved from Colorado..My nearest pool table is 45 miles south of me..I played VENA in Colorado for 10 years prior to 2000. I ride a Honda Hawk GT when I am...
  4. zymmer4


    Hi, I have this older Heubler that I can't identify..Can anyone out there help me??I haven't seen it in any catalogues..I bought it in 1994.
  5. zymmer4

    meucci 9-17

    Hi, I have this meucci 9-17 that can be identified by the painted lights in the buildings on the butt..there are fewer windows than the 97 series, which is fine, but my cue has a white wrap instead of a black this common? or do I have a more unique cue? thanks