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  1. Bucknut

    Looking for a Cue Lathe Help Please

    I work in a retail establishment and we are looking at getting a cue lathe to just do tips, shaft work and maybe some wraps. For the money which way should we go? New vs Used and which brand and price point should we look at? Any help is appreciated.
  2. Bucknut

    Beautiful Gilbert For Sale

    I have a Beautiful Andy Gilbert cue for sale. This cue has a lot of ivory inlays with a solid ivory joint. It has 4 high and 4 low points with ivory balls floating at the tips. The butt weighs 14.8 and each shaft weighs 3.8. One shaft is like new and rolls straight. The other shaft shows a...
  3. Bucknut

    2007 Andy Gilbert for sale Rosewood w/ ivory

    I have a beautiful 2004 Andy Gilbert. THe cue is curly maple forearm with 3 high / 3 low Rosewood points. There are beautiful ivory inlays everywhere except the rings. Comes with 2 shafts. Both have Kamui SS tips. One shaft hasn't been played with. Asking $2,400. Reasonable offers will be...
  4. Bucknut

    Online calcutta for Derby City Classic??

    Has there ever been talk about an online calcutta for any event / all events during the Derby? Maybe just for the all around? I realize there is soooo many players, but boy would it get interesting! Just a thought. Let me know what you think.
  5. Bucknut

    Needing help taking the game to that "next level"

    I consider myself a decent "league" player. I not to long ago was moved up to a 7 in 8 ball in our local APA league. Since then I have seemed to struggle. I would like to get myself to that level when I feel like it doesn't matter who I play, If I play my game I am relaxed and know I should win...
  6. Bucknut

    Installing Worsted Wool Cloth

    I am getting ready to install a new table into my home and have a question for some of you experts. I have heard differing opinions on this and wanted to get your opinions on it. When installing Simonis, Accuguard, or any other worsted wool cloth what do you feel is the best way to get the most...
  7. Bucknut

    Anything on Rooms for next year?

    I know while everyone seems to be complaining on where the event should be this may be a strange question. Has anything been set up yet as far as pricing on rooms for next years event? We were going to go ahead and reserve our room so we don't get stuck without a room when it comes time. We are...
  8. Bucknut

    What about 10 Ball

    I was wondering with a lot of the action going to 10 Ball what do you think chances are that they may make the change to 10 Ball? I think I would like to see that change. What do you all think?
  9. Bucknut

    Looking for a Bluegrass

    I have been kicking around the idea of purchasing a Bluegrass but haven't seen anything that I have to have yet. I just got back from the DCC and didn't see too many up there either. Would somebody please show me something that I can't live without??? Ned