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  1. rob@BPQ

    a few more for next year

    a few more forearms for the next year thanks for looking robert harris
  2. rob@BPQ

    harris cue for sale

    new cue weighs around 19.1 and has two shafts and a silver spanish bull leather if interested and will get the final specs. asking 750.00 shipped conus or obo. thanks robert harris 850-896-9891
  3. rob@BPQ

    a few new forearms for next year

    here is what is coming out soon. thanks for looking robert harris
  4. rob@BPQ

    1 old school left

    this cue weighs 19.1 and has an ivory joint with 2 shafts which have ivory ferrules.spanish bull leather wrap with ivory windows and mother of pearl notched diamonds. this cue can be shipped for 720.00 ppd in conus obo. thanks for looking robert harris
  5. rob@BPQ

    old style cues

    two Harris cues for sale. ivory joints , ivory ferrules , two shafts and really kicken big eye birdseye forearms. both cue weigh 19.1 oz. available for immediate shipment 750.00 postage paid in the usa.thanks for looking. robert harris
  6. rob@BPQ

    a week in the life

    turnings rounds and coring 20 plus forearms.making jps and finally getting points in. is a glamorous life in the shop we must all be insane.
  7. rob@BPQ

    A few wrapped up today for fort walton

    5:30 this morning started putting wraps on. what a long are eight i got done,thanks for looking. robert harris
  8. rob@BPQ

    F/S 5 pieces big eye bird forearms

    Five highly figured big eye birdseye for arms for sale. the forearms are 11.5 long on a 15 inch coring dowel. the are tapered to 1.3 at the bottom. 350.00 shipped conus thanks robert harris 850-896-9891
  9. rob@BPQ

    a few things im working on

    here are afew im working for the tourney that i sponsor at starcade billiards in ft walton beach florida. thanks for looking robert harris
  10. rob@BPQ

    new harris cue for sale

    new cue 19.3 oz 775.00 delivered conus
  11. rob@BPQ

    new harris cue for sale

    new harris cue. weight 19.3 775.00 delivered conus
  12. rob@BPQ

    4 ready for handles

    a few new forearms ready for handles. thanks for looking robert harris
  13. rob@BPQ

    six new forearms out the mill

    cut on the new mill at 45 ipm with rapiding at 55ipm. thanks for looking robert harris
  14. rob@BPQ

    the twins reunited one last time

    the family is breaking up. one of the twins has been adopted. thanks for looking robert harris
  15. rob@BPQ

    some crazy bird and cues going to the tourney

    thanks for looking. robertr harris
  16. rob@BPQ

    my forurth cnc to cut points

    hopefully this will be the last. cuts points at 20+ inches a minute. i also have a station to do ferrules and joints. the next station will be for squaring point stock. thanks for looking robert harris
  17. rob@BPQ

    its like st pattys day

    new cue with a lot of green. thanks for looking robert harris
  18. rob@BPQ

    one done and new jp ends

    thanks everyone for looking. 3 hrs. and a batch of test parts to get what i wanted. i will be using this from now on for jp ends on cues unless otherwise requested. thanks again robert harris
  19. rob@BPQ

    First wrapless in 10 yrs a wild player goiong out sat and 1 going to spray

    had a fire in the shop today with the firemen and ems and cops. nothing hurt but my ability to inhale smoke. three hours without power but i finally got something done this afternoon. thanks for looking robert harris.
  20. rob@BPQ

    monster harris cue for sale

    harris cue with four shafts for sale. over 1000 brass and ivory inlays with an elephant ear wrap. this cue weighs between 19.01 to 19.12 with all 4 shafts. the asking price is 6500.00 including shipping. please call or pm if you are interested. thank you robert harris