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  1. hon400ex

    DCC master of table

    Is there a place to see rankings of master of the table? I think Busty was leading and Bergman in second but they are both out of 9 ball. Can one or more of the guys left in 9 ball pass them? Thanks, Andy
  2. hon400ex

    mosconi question

    I'm trying to figure out logistics to go see my first mosconi cup. I'm curious, what goes on after the matches? I'm wondering if I should stay at mandalay or if it doesn't matter. If there is a lot going on after the matches end? Or does everyone just disperse and do their own thing? Thanks, Andy
  3. hon400ex

    Mosconi tickets

    I have two tickets to all four days. I paid $344. I can't go now. I would like to get $200 for them. Section 3, row L. Thanks Andy
  4. hon400ex

    Funny pic/gif thread...

  5. hon400ex

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Wish I knew how to post more than two at a time.
  6. hon400ex

    Funny pic/gif thread...

  7. hon400ex

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Notice the tail was sliced ha ha
  8. hon400ex


    Im coming to Houston in September and looking for a recommendation for a hotel near Bogies, preferably within walking distance. Also, is it a fairly safe neighborhood? OK to walk around at night? Thank you Andy
  9. hon400ex

    Make A Valley Play Very Close To A Diamond

    The rails are wider, thus making the shelf deeper. You don't do anything to the slate. On mine, the playing surface is 39" wide, instead of 40".
  10. hon400ex

    Omaha NE tournaments

    Are there any cheap tournaments in Omaha on Friday or Saturday nights? We will have several people from KC coming up this Friday. Not sure if any want to play, but I wanted to let people know. Also, where is the best place to play? We are going up for APA regionals, the last one was in Des...
  11. hon400ex


    I am going to be in Omaha the first weekend in March for the APA regional qualifier. We have several people going and I was wondering if anyone knows of any tournaments Friday or Saturday nights? I have had a few people ask me and I said I would ask on AZ and maybe find out something. Also, does...
  12. hon400ex

    help identifying table

    Can anyone help me identify this table? Thanks Andy
  13. hon400ex

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    The awkward moment when you realize no one wants to catch you...
  14. hon400ex

    rule question

    I was watching a tournament the other day and a situation came up that I have never heard of. Sorry, I can't figure out the cue table thing. The five ball was frozen to the end rail and a guy hit the five and then the cue ball very clearly hit the end rail and bounced out. The five just trickled...
  15. hon400ex

    9 ball match up

    I am wondering your guys and gals opinions on something. There is a buddy of mine that I play from time to time. We play almost even, he is a little better but that forces me to bear down harder. We have decided to play like this, he gets the 7 and 8 and I get 4 games on the wire to 9. Neither...
  16. hon400ex

    Des Moines regional

    Just wondering if any AZers will be playing in the APA regional this weekend in Des Moines? Andy
  17. hon400ex

    backing someone

    I was wondering what the arrangement is when you back someone in a tournament? I am thinking of backing someone in a local tournament with a $60 entry. I assume that I will pay the entry and all the quarters. He lives here, also. Should I pay for his meals? Do we split 50/50 or do I take out...
  18. hon400ex

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    How bad do you have to be to have your baseball card showing a strike blowing by you? Oh, and it hurts me worse cause I'm a Royals fan. More here Andy
  19. hon400ex

    wtb 5/16x14 butt only

    I have an OB408 in great condition. I will take $250 for the butt only. Andy
  20. hon400ex

    Funny pic/gif thread...