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  1. Wright Shot

    Thanks Mark Wilson

    Just got your book and I must say that I'm very impressed with what I've read so far. There is no question that this book is going to make me a better player. I'm very excited about where this book is going to take my game. I like it so much, I doubt I will ever be able to loan it out. So you...
  2. Wright Shot

    You take the production LD shaft and I'll take this hand selected Keith Josey

    Just picked this up from Keith at his shop in Savannah. It is an amazing piece of wood. Keith is really a top notch professional and one hell of a nice guy. I also had him put a couple G2's on that I got from Rain-Man and Keith said that they are really quality tips. Of course, you only have to...
  3. Wright Shot

    Mike Mazen Cue #2 Richard Black Helmet Cue

    This cue is mint. It has only played a couple racks since returning from Richard last year. Its #2 of 150. It comes with a custom RB Whitten 1x2 case. Im looking for $1100 shipped. Email
  4. Wright Shot

    Mike Mazen cue #1 Dave Bowman cue #2 Richard Black Helmet Cue

    Mike Mazen cue #1 Dave Bollman Cue Hey Guys, As you know I will be selling Mike's cues for his wife. I will not be listing all at once but feel free to inquire about any of them. I do not have exact specs but I will be going by and getting info soon. I do have a good amount of pics. I...
  5. Wright Shot

    AZ Member and My Close Friend Mike Mazen has passed

    A great straight pool player and even greater man has passed this afternoon. He will be greatly missed by me and the thousands of children he taught over the years. I enjoyed my Sunday afternoons getting schooled in 14.1 by a true Gentlemen and scholar. I went to see him in ICU yesterday and...
  6. Wright Shot

    pool scenario on 'What would you do?" NOW ON ABC

    Just what title says. Drunk guy betting.
  7. Wright Shot

    Any wed night tourneys in Savannah?

    Hey guys. Im back in Savannah working again and wondering if anyone knows of any tourneys going on tonight. Thanks Chris
  8. Wright Shot

    Finally going to try a hard tip

    I have really been wanting to try a hard tip for a long time but have been scared to try it due to the fact that cue repair in my area is scarce. Anyways since I'm working in Savannah I figured that I would give Mr Josey a call to see if he would do a retipping for me next week. "No problem, "...
  9. Wright Shot

    How long is acceptable?

    I purchased a cue from an AZ'ER with a 4 iTrader Saturday Morning. I have no contact info and therefore cannot contact the seller except by pm. He has yet to send me a message saying that he has mailed cue or when he will mail cue. He has my money and I want my cue. At least some tracking...
  10. Wright Shot

    Sugartree *Mint w/ Hickory burl handle, joint, butt

    Hey guys. Lucky for y'all I lost a ton of money this weekend and must recoup some money. This is the gem from my collection. One shaft is unplayed and the other only has a few racks. The wood is absolutely amazing. Call or text 8432608712 or email ($pending payment)...
  11. Wright Shot

    in Augusta tonight, where do I shoot?

    Where is the best room at in Augusta? Chris
  12. Wright Shot

    Best room in Savannah???

    I will be travelling to Savannah soon and would like to know where the best place to play is? Thanks Chris
  13. Wright Shot

    Pool and Karaoke

    One day I may just flip out and kill some bad singing mf'ers. Ive figured out that there is no need for me to try to shoot a serious game with Alvin the Chipmunk or the wicked witch of the west singing at a 10 volume in the background. I can block out most but the bad karaoke is stronger than...
  14. Wright Shot

    FS Coco & Bethlehem Olivewood Sugartree

    99% New Condition Sugartree with 2 full 13mm shafts. Custom JP's from Mr Baxter. This is one awesome cue. Only selling to go after bigger Sugartree. Purchased it in unplanned condition a couple months ago and have really babies it. I have played with one shaft maybe 25 racks. The other has been...
  15. Wright Shot

    FS SW Satin Pacifier Cue

    FS/ FT SW Satin Pacifier Cue Sold Sold Sold
  16. Wright Shot

    can a wrapped cue be changed to wrappless

    If I had a wrapped pj cue, could a Cuemaker use a nicely figured piece of wood to replace the wrapped section of the cue? Chris
  17. Wright Shot

    Wtt Richard Black for Sugartree

    Wtt Wts Richard Black Beautiful Classic Richard Black up for sale or trade for a Sugartree. Let me see what you got. I am looking for something wrapless. This cue is in Excellent Shape. A True Player and Collectible Cue. The 12mm shaft is the shaft that has seen the action. The 12.8mm is...
  18. Wright Shot

    Most ridiculous table question, ever!

    The felt on my old valley in my shop is like flannel. Its really slow. Im thinking of sneaking the old ladies iron out there and giving it a good press. Any chance in hell this will help speed up the roll?? I know one of you crazies has tried this. If you want to remain anonymous so that the...
  19. Wright Shot

    customs has jump cue

    I recently purchased an inexpensive jump cue from a fellow AZ'er. On the 31st of Jan the cue was snagged by customs coming across the Canadian border. How long will it take to get here? How long on average do they hold items like this? Chris
  20. Wright Shot

    wtb new felt and rails for 7' valley

    Looking for tourney blue. Who has best deal? Probably going with Simmonis or something equally fast.