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    Lucasi with break cue and case

    Lucasi Custom LZC12 19oz- 12.75mm, uni-loc, zero flex point shaft. Comes with j- protectors as shown.Test hit,ran less than ten racks,straight,no dings. 15oz Elite light break cue.Shaft is 13mm with phenolic tip and ferrule.straight,no dings.Case is a hard 2x2. In great shape.NO TRADES. Final...
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    mezz 900

    Looking for some info, reviews of the mezz 900. I have read most threads and of course the Big Mezz thread. I have the ex pro but looking to try a smaller diameter.Conical tapers dont always work with a closed bridge,does the 900 have a longer rise?
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    I recently went with a Mezz EC7-WMM .. My question is about the wood to ring connection. I can feel the splice around where they meet.The bottom ring or joint is smooth.Rings are not raised but you can feel a line all the way around.I talked to seyberts and they said all of them are like that.Is...
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    Lucasi sold sold sold
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    mezz vs predator

    I have tried a couple of ld shafts lately ,jacoby and revo 12.9. I had an older mezz with the 700 shaft on it,but wanted an upgrade on shaft and cue .I have read all reviews on here and wanted an opinion on mezz expro vs preds vantage. I did like the revo but was offered a good price to...
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    Predator f/s

    SOLD Predator which I bought with a revo 12.9 shaft. I have ran a couple racks at home with it. No dents,dings or scratches.Comes with shaft wipes, joint protectors.PRICE DROP, SOLD Would prefer using f/f feature on paypal.
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    SOLD a BeCue that I originally bought here. Cue is still in new condition,shot around with one shaft.Like member dvs said,just use to plain wood shafts. This sell is for cue with two shafts and joint protectors.DVS is...
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    Mezz EC7-D / trade

    Mezz EC7-D (SOLD) I have owned this cue for over a couple of years now,plays great.I recently went with a lucasi custom.This cue has a couple of small dings in butt,also has scratch by mezz logo,Tried to show in pic.Shaft rolls straight,no dings.I also have a 2x2 basic case I can throw in.What...
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    Mezz EC7-D / trade

    edited for pics in dif thread
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    another mezz ?

    Have been researching mezz cues and have decided to get one.The ones i like are the ec7 series and the aya-k. I also found the axi line on j&j site.My question is,for someone who likes alot of feedback from his shot,which is better. The aya-k had the united joint with aegis collar,the ec7 also...
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    wts-schon shaft

    SOL SOLD SOLD.Cant remember the tip brand,but I had it installed when I was going to keep and shoot with the cue.Rolls straight and has no dings or dents.Came off a schon ltd,which I ended up selling just the butt. asking 120.00 shipped (non ivory ferrel) Tried to upload pics but it failed.try...
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    No longer looking,thanks mr.vmax
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    schon ltd

    Had some deals worked out but (NOW SOLD).I have been laid off forever(worked 6months in the last 2 yrs) and need the cash .Looking to do some traveling for work shortly,so I will look at offers but will just keep if all i get is the extreme lowball offers.I have 9 in the cue,but I know its...
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    schon ltd back on ebay

    schon ltd back on ebay ( ended) auction ended,no sale.
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    2x4 porper at 20 bucks ends today

    auction ended
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    1x1 porper at a buck on ebay

    auction ended
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    cheap cases on ebay

    I have some cheaper cases on ebay.Here is one link ,hit see others to check out other cases.
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    wts/wtt schon ltd

    cue is sold,cases still on ebay.
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    3 budget cases

    I have these 3 cases all for $60.00 shipped.Predator soft case,not used,just came with a pred. cue.Center case 1x1 black and gray,used but still in good shape as is the solid black 2x3 case on the end.They are both vinyl.