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  1. DoubleA

    Smoky Mtn shootout

    Okay it is that time again, who will be at the shootout this weekend?
  2. DoubleA

    Top 5 in NY

    Just curious, who do you think are the top 5 players in NY? Name any you think should be in the top 5.
  3. DoubleA

    Smoky Mtn Shootout

    How many of you will we see next weekend? I have never missed one and won't miss this one, looking forward to a great time and seeing old friends.
  4. DoubleA


    Anyone know how their match is going?
  5. DoubleA

    Smoky Mtn Shootout

    Ok, time for a role call of who will be there. Look forward to this tourny each year.
  6. DoubleA

    Smoky Mtn Shootout--who is going?

    We will be there Fri eve, I have never missed one yet. I think it is one of the premier tournys in the country. 100$ entry fee, shut off at 128 players, and filled with paid entries 2 months ahead of time every year. For anyone I don't know, introduce yourself. I will be around the pool...
  7. DoubleA

    Merry christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone and a happy new year.:thumbup:
  8. DoubleA

    AZB won't "remember me", everytime I come to the site I have to log in again.

    AZB won't "remember me", everytime I come to the site I have to log in again. Anyone else having this problem? This is a recent problem, it always remembered me before.
  9. DoubleA

    Anyone know any thing about a Kirschener, Kerschner, etc. cue

    looking for info. I traded for one, has 4 coco points and coco butt, maple nose and maple diamond inlays inthe butt. Large radial pin. Hits good. It is signed and numbered. Can't make out the sig. exactly.
  10. DoubleA

    Urban Meyer quitting

    Just confirmed on ESPN
  11. DoubleA

    What ever happened to------?

    Most all of us knows someone who a few years ago seemed to be destined for pool greatness, and then just seemed to disappear. Who were they and where were they from? Maybe there are some interesting stories, maybe we can renew some acquiantances or old friendships. Maybe just satisfy some...
  12. DoubleA

    Pau ferro Southwest

    I have an early SW that I have been told has a pau ferro butt and nose. Jerry is supposed to have liked this wood a lot. Exactly what is it, is it like ebony, rosewood, etc.?Any info will be appreciated.:):)
  13. DoubleA

    Steve Lomax Conversion Cue

    I just got this Dufferin blank conversion cue from Steve and I thought I would post a couple of pics. The cue is 59 inches long and weighs in at 19.2 oz. This cue plays great and has a very lively hit.
  14. DoubleA

    Eddie Taylor"The Knoxville Bear"--stories please

    Since Eddie was from my town(I met him a few times), I would like to hear some first hand stories about him. I never really got to see him play. people that knew him say that he was unreal. Thanks :grin-square:
  15. DoubleA

    Thread Stars

    What's with all the stars on the threads and how do they get there? :confused: :confused: :confused:
  16. DoubleA

    online abreviations

    Would someone please post a list of online abreviations(ex: lol,imo,etc.) used here for someone not familiar with all of them? Most I can figure out, but some leave me perplexed. List previous post if this has been addressed before.(searched but couldn't find) Thanks
  17. DoubleA

    Unknown "monster" players

    Players who are largely "unknown" but possess close to champion speed? Would love to hear some stories. I will throw one name out there as an example(Vernon Elliot). He doesn't play anymore, but when he did, he was a "monster". Some of you know him and his reputation. would like to hear about...