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    African Blackwood log

    Have you done the deed yet? :) If not, show both ends. I've only sawn a few small logs on my vertical bandsaws, but have resawn acres of lumber. Once you figure out the orientation of the first cut, run the log over your jointer to make a flat on the "bottom" at 90 degrees. Even if you have to...
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    In your opinion, what tasks should a "Pool Table Mechanic" be required to perform at a minimum to be considered a Table mechanic?

    Interesting question to consider maintaining and passing on a culture of (important) tradition and skills for any "trade". Not in most of NY state. However, some jurisdictions and many cities require it. In most jurisdictions the work does require a permit and inspection. But there is not a...
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    This is what one plastics supplier says about it in their catalog:
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    Gun drills

    Yeah, i know, and as i noted, he is a heckuva nice guy. Glad for him to have the business, he's built it into a pretty big operation. Really good for tooling, very practical about pricing and i enjoy talking with him. smt
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    Gun drills

    Shhshhshh..... Dammit you're going to ruin my source! :) smt, bought at least a 1/2 dozen from Bob, maybe more. He's a good guy. You're limited to what is on the shelves, but some days the inventory is reasonably deep.
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    So what's new in the Cue Building world?

    Prather, advertises on here, also makes FS blanks. Not advertising but as an answer to your Q, i make 'em very sporadically, sneaky pete style only (no veneers), sometimes 6 point. As you allude to for your life, too many other irons in the fire to settle down and actually become a cuemaker...
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    Help Identify This Table:

    if i was lucky enough to get something that good original condition, don't think i'd touch it. Is there something wrong we are not seeing? smt PS, it is yours, not arguing with personal choice. I just enjoy it when something that old makes it this far in good shape.
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    Mahogany in cue construction

    Can you explain why you think so? It used to be used in lower cost and bar cues. Some true mahogany is fairly heavy/dense. Much more so than listed on the wood database. Friend just had some from a project we were doing ID'd by NFPL it was so heavy/dense. It was true mahogany. However...
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    Not Pool Table Related, but WOODWORKING!! Learning to TURN!

    Hey, pix are back again. MWdropbox must have gotten around to paying their rent. :) Thanks. guys! smt
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    I started my company on this day in 2012!! WOW!

    Congratulations! smt
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    Lubing the joint pin

    Well my faith based understanding of screwed joints (machine tools, instruments, cues) Is the truism that "screws tension, dowels locate". :) I do tend to make my modified (flat root) 3/8"- 10 G10 only joints a bit "snugger" than might be advisable from an engineering standpoint, but i cut...
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    Not Pool Table Related, but WOODWORKING!! Learning to TURN!

    Thanks, Trent {quote] wildman I take that as a verrrrry high compliment, coming from you! Sorry about the pix - apparently that dropbox/MWdropbox went out of business after 20+ years, just a few days after i posted. Glad some of you saw them, and thanks for the wonderful appreciation. :) smt
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    Acquiring a pool table

    what's a shock indicator sticker? Thanks! smt
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    Lubing the joint pin

    carpenters used to like soap on screws, too. It draws moisture (is hygroscopic), is not particularly good for wood, and creates rust on steel screws. Stick to wax, it will help, and long term it's harmless. I like Trewax brand because it works well but it is also the best smelling...
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    Brand of staples that don't break so much?

    I'm not a table tech.... But.... Did you really use 3/8" length for cloth?
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    So What Does One Do When They Don't Have a Decent Local Mechanic...?

    They may have pre-stained the rails quickly to darken the grain lines; but i doubt it was a fancy process. In econo mode, everything is about speed. So any stain would have been quick drying and/or quick wiping. Possibly shot with toner instead of stain. But as someone else mentioned, more...
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    So What Does One Do When They Don't Have a Decent Local Mechanic...?

    Dunno how i missed this one, but really appreciate you posting! (Can only say that this was the first year in my life i got to play at being a ski bum, so until the snows started melting, i did not spend much time on here this past winter :) ) Just finished page 4, looking forward to the rest...
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    is this true?

    Always assuming good workmanship and materials- 1.) more glue area: true 2.) structurally stronger: true 3.) absorb and dissipate shock: I've seen studies that the wave form is "different" as should be expected. Once one throws a typical joint in a 2 pc cue, that is a factor, too. It...
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    Not Pool Table Related, but WOODWORKING!! Learning to TURN!

    Most of my machines are older than me and i'm not young anymore :) Most of them are not pretty, either, but they sure are rugged and well tuned. And _very_ well tooled up. "space, the final frontier" I've posted other work in the cue section: Post # 354, lady's desk...
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    Not Pool Table Related, but WOODWORKING!! Learning to TURN!

    Seriously nice work. Is it profiled from a solid plank(s), or did you cold-mold it with veneers over a form? What local climate? How many years? Do you mostly store it out of the sun? or? Happy to see more pix. :) smt