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  1. metallicane

    No dispute that Efren is the GOAT, but who is the 9 ball GOAT?

    I have a Kim Steel at my house and it is great. Pockets are tough and will spit balls out if not well struck.
  2. metallicane

    No dispute that Efren is the GOAT, but who is the 9 ball GOAT?

    What did Vickery do? Sigel, SVB, Earl, Varner, Efren are my top 9ballers.
  3. metallicane

    Hardships of Professional Pool as a Career

    The World Darts Championship recently concluded at the Alexandra Palace in London. The champion, Michael Smith, took home $500,000 for his win. The place was packed, beer flowed, and the crowd was boisterous. I have a hard time believing pool can't reach that level.
  4. metallicane

    Player of the decade Earl or Sigel?

  5. metallicane

    American 14.1 Straight Pool Championship (Oct 24-29), Norfolk, Winner $10K

    Was Grady the announcer? He was always wrong.
  6. metallicane

    Name a pool hall you wish was still open today

    Texas Cue Lounge AKA Johnny C's
  7. metallicane

    Taom Chalk

    I have been using Taom for the past few weeks and I do get more spin, but I like that. I have tried every chalk out there and this, to me, is the best yet. I have more chalk than i know what to do with now. Lol.
  8. metallicane

    Who is your top 5 cue makers?

    Gus Szamboti Tim Scruggs Mike Lambros Ernie - Ginacues Tony - Black Boar
  9. metallicane

    SJM at the 2022 Derby City Classic

    Great write up. I need to get to DCC one year.
  10. metallicane

    Help with value of Tim Scruggs cue

    Awesome cue. Do not change wrap. Who cares if you over paid a little (I do not think you over paid at all). You will get a lifetime of pleasure out a wonderful cue.
  11. metallicane

    RIP Scott Lee

    Wow. RIP Scott. Had him over to my house for a lesson and it was great. every time through he would contact me but I have been so busy working and raising a family, the pool game had to take a back seat.
  12. metallicane


    Darts players make a ton of money. 500,000 pounds for winning World Championship.
  13. metallicane

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I am a huge Metallica fan and know the story as to why Mustaine was booted from the band so I was never a Megadeth fan for that reason. I always assumed Dave was a prick. About 10-12 years ago, I went to see Black Sabbath and had front row seats right in the center. Well Megadeth was one of the...
  14. metallicane

    Paul Newman Interview in 1962 about playing Fast Eddie

    I know they were both Joss cues, but did not think they were identical. I am going to have to watch it again tonight.
  15. metallicane

    AZB Reporting that Jeanette Lee is Diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer

    That is terrible. I really like Jeanette. My friend's daughter has scoliosis and was very depressed. I told her how a world champion pool player had it too and overcame it. It really helped. Jeanette is an inspiration. Prayers
  16. metallicane

    Viewing of John Schmidt's 626 straight pool run

    Let's hope the tour comes to Baltimore. I would certainly watch it. Thanks for the write up.
  17. metallicane

    Vidalia, GA

    Ohoopee is one of the best golf courses in the country and I hope he is playing there. Their logo is an onion.
  18. metallicane

    Sincere Condolences To Pat Fleming And Family.

    Condolences Pat. Sorry for your loss.
  19. metallicane

    New AzB Platform.....

    Need to get used to it. I could not get on the site for days. Hopefully that has changed. Shades of gray is an improvement over the initial version.
  20. metallicane

    How is Mike Sigel NOT in Straight Pool Hall of Fame?

    I just saw who was in and for Sigel not to be in is a crime and seriously diminishes the veracity of the HoF.