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  1. Demondrew

    Table identification

    That's it! Thanks Boxcar.
  2. Demondrew

    Table identification

    no it has #3 pocket irons
  3. Demondrew

    Table identification

    Thanks, I have been to the site. It does look like a frankentable.
  4. Demondrew

    Table identification

    Found this table it has #3 pocket irons Thanks for any and all help. Andy
  5. Demondrew

    Antique Brunswick identification/photo list

    Brunswick used to have a link to their antique tables on their website. I cannot find it now. Does anyone know the new website for their old tables? Or is it gone forever? Andy
  6. Demondrew

    9' Gold Crown 2

    I picked this up at a senior center. Played well before disassembly. Andy
  7. Demondrew

    Burt Reynolds pool table 9' Connelly

    I have had this table for over ten years. Plays great. Need room for my new 1926 Brunswick Medalist.:thumbup:
  8. Demondrew

    Modern or Traditional glue

    I am going to redo failed glue joints on a 1930's era pool table. Should I use the traditional hide glue or a modern glue? Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks for you opinions, Andy
  9. Demondrew

    Please help me Identify these cues

    The first one is unknown (to me) the second is a 4-84 Meucci (I think) both roll with no wobble. The unknown cue has two shafts 12.5 and 13mm both shafts are 29 1/16" its butt is 29". There is a difference in the two shafts trim ring. The Meucci has a 12mm tip and is 28 9/16" its butt is...
  10. Demondrew

    uploading pics

    test post uploading pic
  11. Demondrew

    St. Valentine's day 62

    Looking for hints, tips and/or suggestions. This was more like a 42 and a 20 with a circus shot in between. Still a 62. All comments welcome. Should I keep the camera at the end of the table or move it to the side for better coverage? Thanks in advance. YouTube Link...
  12. Demondrew

    Help Identifying this Pool Table Manufacturer

    This table was purchased from an estate auction. There are no manufacturer markings on the table. The only thing is a stamped "SX" on one side rail bottom and a "DX"...
  13. Demondrew Website is Temporarily Down

    To all, The website is currently changing hosts and is down. is alive and kicking with our National Championship Tournament still scheduled for September 15. Thanks to all who have sent me personal e-mails and texts to let me know the site was down. (Sheer panic for a...
  14. Demondrew

    Best Camera Angle for Pool Videos

    Looking for opinions on the best camera angle for straight pool. Choices: Andy
  15. Demondrew

    How do I do a Poll?

    cant find it in the search OK I got it!
  16. Demondrew

    MD Straight pool Championships

    Link: Andy
  17. Demondrew

    Safeties Around the Rack

    One of my friends was playing a game of straight pool with me the other day. When we got done I gave him some ideas about safeties around a fourteen and fifteen ball rack. Here is a video of that session: I'm sure I missed mentioning some of the...
  18. Demondrew

    Trouble practicing

    How do you keep focus while practicing? I can run, usually, in the 20’s during competition. During practice, I struggle to get into the next rack. My high run of 60 came during competition as have each of my times in the 50’s. What’s the secret to holding concentration while doing drills...
  19. Demondrew

    Live stream From SBE

    Here's the link: Andy
  20. Demondrew

    Run of 27

    Here's another run, this of 27. Second rack is ugly! This game can be so frustrating. ! . ! . Aargh!!! Andy