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  1. cueguy

    Removing Power Wraps

    Going to have to do a stack leather because the channel is too deep.
  2. cueguy

    Removing Power Wraps

    I hate these rubber power wraps. What are some good ideas to remove these pieces of junk? ;-) Thanks, Larry
  3. cueguy

    Selling - Mid American Lathe-Sold

    I would be interested. Where are you located?
  4. cueguy

    Converting a 5/16 14 Shaft to 5/16 18

    What do you find is the easiest way to get the insert out? Boring or heating? Larry
  5. cueguy

    Any information on this Schon cue?

    Of course. Great idea and I just put it up there. Thanks.
  6. cueguy

    Any information on this Schon cue?

    Thank you. I got this in trade recently and just wanted to know if anyone could tell me more about it. Maybe when it was made??? I don't think I have seen one like it before.
  7. cueguy

    Sorry, the sale is over

    Yep, order placed and works fine. Larry
  8. cueguy

    Any information on this Schon cue?

  9. cueguy

    how tips

    Appreciate it.
  10. cueguy

    how tips

    How do I find them on here? Thanks!
  11. cueguy

    Isoplast Ferrules

    I'll take 10 of those also. Payment method?
  12. cueguy

    LTB Zan Hybrid Max

    Still haven't heard from you. Do you want to sell those? Thanks.
  13. cueguy

    LTB Zan Hybrid Max

    Sounds great. you can invoice or call me at 205-613-3271
  14. cueguy

    LTB Zan Hybrid Max

    Still no response. Are you having issues or do you not have any? You could call me at 205-613-3271. Thanks!
  15. cueguy

    LTB Zan Hybrid Max

    I sent you a PM. or you can email me at Thanks! Larry
  16. cueguy

    LTB Zan Hybrid Max

    Does anyone have any Zan Hybrid Max tips in yet? Are they still hard to find in the States? Thanks.
  17. cueguy

    ISO Sniper tips

    Does anyone have a good source on sniper tips at a cue repairman's price? Thanks!
  18. cueguy

    I need a cue makers advice…

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.
  19. cueguy


    Cueman, do you thin the Lacover 30?
  20. cueguy

    Jacoby ultra super pro shaft turn down

    Does anyone know how far this Jacoby shaft can be turned down safely?