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  1. poolplayer2093

    United joint shaft $124.12 shipped. Buyer pays PP fees.

    Regular maple mezz united joint shaft. 12.55mm weighs 3.77oz. Rolls ok but you can fit about a cc under it. I forgot who tried t but there's a few az'rs that know how well the shaft plays
  2. poolplayer2093

    Mezz hp1 for sale. Asking $200

    I'll get weights measurements and pictures up later tonight. Tip is about 12.8mm -w kamui med brown and rolls straight
  3. poolplayer2093

    This players pure tech hxt 66 looks so cool!!!

    I've been thinking up designed to put a cue together from wood I buy or bone cues and this is a real fancy version of what I had in mind. The short phenolic joint parts the handle being longer (I was thinking stack leather and hoppe ring. Bumperless w spot for extension) but this looks cool...
  4. poolplayer2093

    Looking to Frankenstein up a cue. Anyone know where I can get new/old parts?

    Title says it all. Looking to do a ohmen j/b,cog(pj black) tribute, or real traditional possibly Harvey Martin kinda dealeo. All info is appreciated
  5. poolplayer2093

    would anyone be interested in frankenstine'ing me a cue?

    a friend of mine down here put a cue together out of a few different cues and it really tuend out cool. i think it was an old mali and a joss or something. he just used his own handle wood and the parts from the other cues that had been broken. anyway i've got a few ideas and i was wondering...
  6. poolplayer2093

    Anybody here able to do a mezz united joint?

    Title says it all. Not a standard 5/16-14 but the united joint
  7. poolplayer2093

    WTB one of the 3/8-10 OB cues.all bem & stained bem 1st w/wrap

    What does one of those go for? Anyone have one with the XL classic shaft?
  8. poolplayer2093

    Mezz united joint shaft

    I'm looking for a united joint maple shaft. Heavier the better. 12.6-13mm I'd also consider the all BEM and all black OB cues with wrap. Butt only is cool but will consider classic shaft
  9. poolplayer2093

    who has my petree j/b? i want to buy it

    yeah yeah yeah i know this is like deja vu i forgot who i sold it to. if you have this cue and you'd like to sell it back to me please let me know, i'd love to buy it back
  10. poolplayer2093

    forgot which of my friends asked 4 a video of me playing.

    I'm not real interested in the whole forum seeing it or knowing what I look like but if we have conversed over the years, friendly or not, and you wanna see me hit a few balls say so and I'll pm u a video. It's just 1 rack of 10 ball but I did break and run it. By playing "Casper" standards...
  11. poolplayer2093

    Hey fatboy!!!! Any pictures of ur billiard room n Vegas?

    My friend doesn't believe how nice ur place n Vegas was. The snooker table is what pushes it over the edge for him.
  12. poolplayer2093

    $$$ EXCEED , 4 shafts - lizard wrap, mezz extension $$$

    Would you sell a shaft or two on its own?
  13. poolplayer2093

    Rocky Antonucci any videos of this Fresno legend???

    Anyone have a video of this guy playing?
  14. poolplayer2093

    Bryan mordts tips???

    Has anyone tried his layered tips?
  15. poolplayer2093

    I Pizzel......let's see your Jim pierce cues please

    Jim pierce is a friend of a friend. He's a good guy m his cues play real fn good!!!!! Anyone have one they wanna show off?? I'd love to see some of his newer stuff
  16. poolplayer2093

    Anyone play with superpro tips??

    Are they worth using? Easy enough to move the rock around with these tips? Hold chalk well? Any miscue issues?
  17. poolplayer2093

    Former Supreme Court Justice Calls for Rewriting First Amendment

    What's the point of that at all. This whole "constitution free zone" bs is all the power they need. This document hat makes us free and defines what we should constantly strive to be as a nation applies to every American in America........that is until the gov decides some group is causing too...
  18. poolplayer2093

    Mezz Axi-N (BEM) 3 Shafts, Ringtail wrap, Extension, Custom j/p

    Man that cue looks fn great with that wrap. I've been wanting to put a wrap like that on a Merry Widow for a while but never got around to it. Great looking BEM too!!!!
  19. poolplayer2093

    What's the best way to burnish a tip without a lathe?

    I use a little spit and a dollar bill or a piece of a brown paper grocery bag
  20. poolplayer2093

    mezz axi-K for sale

    cue is a mezz axi-k it's in great shape. it rolls straight and instead of the 12.5mm WD700 shaft it comes with the hard rock maple shaft 12.8mm shaft. the shaft weighs 4.2 oz and plays jam the f*ck up. instead of the speckled black and white linen wrap it has a solid black wrap. asking $375...