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  1. Voodoo Daddy

    Case Repair

    Been a while since Ive posted so if this isnt the right place, excuse me. Im looking for someone who has replacement liners and front latch for a "Its George" 2X4...does this kind of repair exist? Voodoo~~~Im gonna read some threads while someone laughs at this post :thumbup:
  2. Voodoo Daddy

    Cohen runs 431 !!!

    Came from an excellent source that Stefan Cohen put together a smooth 431 today in Paris...not bad for a self taught through video {and a lil help from Danny D} player!!
  3. Voodoo Daddy

    Pokes my head in...

    Been awhile, hadda get away from the pool forum and pool itself and settle some health issues. Hope you all are well and Im gonna slowly get back in the groove both here and the table. Voo~~~told Diabetes and Osteo-Arthritis they both got the orange crush and the smash!!
  4. Voodoo Daddy

    Joe Tucker's Racking secrets, the book

  5. Voodoo Daddy

    Hollywood Billiards Thanksgiving 9-BALL Tournament

    Hollywood Billiards, Hollywood, FLA 441 {State Rd 7} & Hollywood Blvd 954-981-4066 Sunday Nov. 28, 2001 Race to 7 Winner breaks Rack your own One day, double elimination 1st place $500 GUARANTEED Men - $65.00 Women - $25 Free Practice from 12:00-1:00 Play starts at 1:00PM
  6. Voodoo Daddy

    Seminole Finale` headcount

    Who's comin' ?
  7. Voodoo Daddy

    Seminole Tour results?

    Wouldnt know they were having a tournament if it wasnt for their schedule. Who dropped the ball on this announcement? W O W
  8. Voodoo Daddy

    Is racking your own a gaff?

    I was reading on the Action Threads and came across a statement. I didnt have a horse in the race and really couldnt givafk but the question remains; Is racking your own a gaff?
  9. Voodoo Daddy

    Pray for the Monster...

    "Monster" John Rouse had a stroke in the past 48 hours, and after many tests it may be way worse than this...more to come. Please add him to your nightly, any little bit helps.
  10. Voodoo Daddy

    10/31 Hollywood Billiards 9-BALL

    Hollywood Billards, Hollywood Fl. Open 9-Ball Tournament First Place $500 Guarenteed Race to 7 Double Elimination 1:00PM start Entrys; Men $60.00 Woman $25.00 954-981-4066
  11. Voodoo Daddy

    Made me laugh

    Something tells me this is coming...smirk
  12. Voodoo Daddy

    The Green Room

    I was up in NC last weekend and stopped in the Green Room in Durham...was like going back in time 30 yrs. Anyone have juicey stories of this grand old room?
  13. Voodoo Daddy

    Harry Richards feeler...

    Any of em out there?
  14. Voodoo Daddy

    Weekly 9-Ball Tournament in South Florida

    Hollywood Billiards 954-981-4066 9-Ball Tournament Every Tuesday @ 8:00 PM Starting October 27, 2009 Single Emlimination 1st Round Race to 7 All others Rounds Race to 5 Finals Race to 3 A Players Pay $15.00 B Players Pay $10.00 C Players Pay $ 8.00 D Players Pay $ 5.00 You can...
  15. Voodoo Daddy

    WTB 59"-60" Hoppe Style cues

    Putting feelers out...any help will be appreciated. Voo~~~waitin to see what this post produces
  16. Voodoo Daddy

    found this...

    Some statements never more accurate
  17. Voodoo Daddy

    Texas 9-ball tournament question

    I saw the flow chart and theres lotsa tough players. I did see the name Tracie Sanders, any relation to the legendary Tommy Sanders? Voo~~rootin' for David Henson, as usual. Good luck to all players left.
  18. Voodoo Daddy

    Its been 8 yrs...

    I just found this on a pool rooms website. Man, its been a long time since I tried this, maybe its time for round 2?
  19. Voodoo Daddy

    Rumor control?

    I just got a call from one of my "detective" friends that told me he heard the following. That RONNIE ALLEN was promoting a One Pocket tournament @ the Hard Rock in Ft Lauderdale in November of this yr. Anyone hear about this?
  20. Voodoo Daddy

    Seminole 10-Ball and Im stuck workin'

    Chris Bartrum in the house...something's gonna go down John Rouse defeating Tommy Kennedy 7-5...Monster John is the man!!! Keith Bennett, playing in only his second Seminole Pro Tour event, pounded Dave Grossman 7-0...and thats not easy to do! Voo~~~I wish I took the days off, @#$%^&*